3770k vs 6700k

Currently my computer is running an i5 2500k and I'm in the market to upgrade. My question is weather I should upgrade to the i7 3770k as I already own the right mobo, or if the new i7's are worth it. My main problem is if I get the new 6700k I would have to upgrade to ddr4 and I'm already running 16gb of 2166 memory. Just curious on everyone's opinion. Have a great day/evening Tekkies!

The question is, how long do you expect these upgrades to last you in terms of performance and future usage?

If you intend to upgrade the rig again sometime in the future, then you can certainly get away with staying on the same mobo for now and just upgrading the chip, though my opinion is that upgrades on the same platform will be generally miniscule and very likely not worth the hassle.

If you expect the rig to stay at the top of its game for a long time without having to crack open the case or your wallet again, then I would say take the full dive, get on the 170 chipset and Skylake, snatch up some ddr4 and sit pretty for a good while, not to mention substantial performance benefits compared to where you sit now, or compared to what you would gain by staying on the same chipset and upgrading just the cpu.


Are you sure the processor is a bottleneck for what you're asking the computer to do? Are you already running SSD's??

the 3770k is worth it

Your looking at a cinebench score for the 3770k of about 680 at stock, and 820 for the 6700k at stock. After overclocking the 3770k can get to the 6700k's score with an overclock in the 4.5ghz region, but the 6700k can get to 1000 points with a 4.8ghz oc. Personally considering the 6700k upgrade would be almost double the cost of a 3770k, I'd stick with what you have or get the 6770k. I'd wait one more generation before making the jump, unless your system has something like a Gtx 980 or R9 390x, and in that case I would grab the 6700k and sit on that for another 3 or 4 generations.

If you do consider the 6700K then don't count out the 5820K either, will be in the same ballpark price wise......

I'm using an i5-3570K (OC @ 4.2) in a Z77 mobo and I was considering an upgrade too but for me it's only really worth it for the high speed storage options as I don't feel I'm being held back in gaming which is what I do mostly on my PC. If you need the horse power for some other usage then yeah it's probably worth considering an upgrade.

I've covered my storage for now with a couple of 256 GB SSDs in RAID 0 but maybe next year when there's more choice in the M.2 PCIe market then I'll go Skylake and RAID a couple of those instead :)

Oh and yeah I'm now also looking on Ebay for a decent i7-3770K as they are starting to appear more as people upgrade.

Thanks for all of the replies guys! It's really helped me make up my mind, I think I'll wait for Skylake. Have a good day guys and thanks alot!

skylake is allready out.