3770k vs 4770k

just a quick question


3770k vs 4770k

4770k is 4fps more for gaming but it saves me 50$ becausce z77 is cheaper.


is the i7 a good cpu for the futur. next gen is gonna be 8 cores and it kind off have 8 cores but not real cores.

the amd fx8350 maybe a better cpu? ifso, do you know a good motherboard for that? i only can find mobos with pci-e 2.0, no 3.0.


fx 8350 170€

i7 3770k 290€ msi z77-g45 gaming 100€

i7 4770k 275€ msi z78-g45 gaming 129€

i overclock to 4.2-4.4 ghz

is a z78-g43 good enough?

and a z87-g41


sorry but some are motherboard questions. but the main thing is the cpu.

Sabertooth board from Asus has AM3 and PCI 3.0

I would get the 4770k and the g45 gaming dont cheap out on the motherboard other wise save money and get a FX 8350 and an Asus 990fx EVO/PRO either will do.

the i5 4670k is fine if your just going to be gaming and you can get a z87 motherboard the 4770k is only like 2-4% better in gaming and is like nearly twice the price 

the fx8350 is the best gaming cpu for the price and it overclocks to 5ghz easy with a $30 heatsink and it is really fast and is great for rendering 

and barely and games use quad core so an 8 core is not really needed if your talking about the consoles when you say next gen those cpu's are crap 2ghz cpus that a really outdated

what would i recommend if you can get the 4770k just because it is newer and it overclocks a bit better then sandybridge but in my opinion the next best thing would be the 4670k just to get on the newer platform

as for a motherboard get an asus or a gigabyte those make the best motherbords around

hope this helped    

yeah it does, still thinking

Either way you will have to delid to get decent temp at high volts.

the asus is 200€, more than the fx 8350.


i5 z87-g45 gaming

fx 8350 990fx ??? the asus evo/pro 2.0 is good but doesn't have oc gen 4 and it also don't have pci-e 3.0

i need to find a mobo for the fx 8350 that has 2 pci-e 3.0 slots. so i can run 2 gpu pci-e 3.0 at x8 x8.