3770k overclocking

I was making a new build, and a personal goal of mine that i have to do is get a 3770k to 5ghz. Is it possible, and if it is, what will it take?

Yes its possible, what it will take is a Motherboard with a really good VRM design and some Watercooling.

Oh and make usre your PSU has really tight voltage regulation, will help the Mobo out a little.

Can you recommend a motherboard and power supply? And i would need a custom loop, right?

the Gigabyte UD3H is one of the best OC boards for the moeny, and any PSU from Corsair, XFX, NZXT, or Seasonic will be good. 

A custom loop would be best, but you might be able to squeez buy with a 280mm AIO and high perf fans, id go for the custom loop though.

Hello. I was wondering if any of you guys have used a corsair pre filled water cooling kit. The reason i ask is because im planning on buying either the h100i or h110 and i was wondering have you had any probelm with these coolers (leaking, pump failure) thank you for you time :)


I have one and had a slight problem but with an easy fix. I have read and from my tinkering, the pump is silent, the tube is stiff but can move and overall is pretty nice. The problem i had was a loose backplate, it is supposed to be loose but on some motherboards it is too loose. if you get one and your temps are high go to lowes or any hardware store and buy #8 nylon washers. they were 59 cents a bag (grab 2 bags) for others it took 1 set of washers (4 in a bag) but for mine it took 2 bags. Other than that i would recommend the h100i, the software is cool but i just use if for the led really. hope it all goes well


I got my 3770k to 5Ghz stable with my custom water cooling loop. I have a MSI Z77 Mpower motherboard and a Seasonic x-850 80 PLUS GOLD PSU. I needed over 1.45v to get it to 5Ghz though so right now I have it at 4.8Ghz and 1.4v The 200mhz of extra speed is not worth it imo. 

For 5gHz, I would get an 750 to 850W Lepa G, Seasonic X, Seasonic Platinum, or Corsair AX. Some of the best boards for overclocking are the Gigabyte UD7, Gigabyte G1 Sniper, and the Asus Maximus V boards. You do not need custom watercooling; stay away from the CLCs, such as H100i, H110, etc. I would recommend a huge ass air cooler, or custom watercooling. I have been running my 3770k on a Maximus V Formula at 5.0gHz 1.42V with a Phanteks PH-TC14PE, using the stock fans, and was idling around 32, maxing under IntelBurnTest at 76 C. That is hot, but for the stock fans of an air cooler, it is damn impressive. I am getting 3 new 140mm fans for it, so I can run it even cooler, and would recommend you get at least 2 fans for it; Cougar Vortex 140mm black fans are the best for the money, and are great for heatsinks/rads/. I stick around 4.6gHz 1.3V, though; I don't like all of the extra voltage required for 4.7gHz and above. I would recommend the same.

I thought the PH-TC14PE came with the Phanteks 140mm MVB fans, and if it does have those fans, the cougards arent going to do much if anything to the cooling performance of your heatsink.