3770k + h100(with sp120 quiet) how far can you guys oc to, and what is your temps?

I'm putting a build together soon with some of my old parts, and some new parts. Currently i'm getting the 3770k with the h100(since i got a good offer on those parts used) and i'm gonna buy the sp120 quiet since i really want this machine to be quiet and cool. I will be oc'ing the cpu, and i just wanted to ask how high clocks you guys are able to recieve within safe temps, I'm going to be using the Gigabyte z77 WifiN and the 250D case.

My setup will be after upgrade:


H100 + Sp120 Quiet

Gigabyte Z77 WifiN

Corsair 250D

Thermaltake Smart 630w

1TB Seagate Barracude

eVGA 670 Signature 2


And on a side note, i will also be upgrading my GFX, and i was wondering what kind of tips you guys have. I have the 780 in mind, but i might also get the 290, but i stream alot, and i really like shadowplay.

It depends how lucky you are with your CPU, some CPUs overclock better than others. I'm guessing that your 3770K can (if your lucky) go to 4.4-4.7GHZ at a safe level and not too crazy. Your GPU is your decision, personally if i were to upgrade my GPU i would go with AMD (i'm not a fanboy) as their GPUs come with free games. However if your prefer Nvidia for PhysX, Cuda etc, then go with that option.