3570k w/H100i

What stable speeds should I expect to get with an i5 3570k and a Corsari H100i in pull with Corsair SP120s?

I use a h80i , I can get to 4.5Ghz (Tried 4.8Ghz and it turned off after 5 minutes). I havent really seen too many people use an i5 3570k and a H100i  ,but I'm going to guess around 4.7Ghz .

Sorry for the inaccurate estimates , not a clue on hardware that I havent got. I'll dig around for some other peoples experiences! :)

OK, a couple things to say on the topic just to make it clear for you:

1) it really depends on the chip. Most 3570k's can get to 4.4 on a quiet air setup.

2) With a good chip, you could get to 4.8-5.2, but there isnt much performance gain on that.

3) If you do want the H100i, get the corsair SP120 as those are "static pressure" and designed for heatsink and radiator cooling.

4) My i5-3570k is at 4.5 on a medium grade cooler with noctua NF-F12 fans (deepcool gamerstorm). My setup is very quiet even under load. The noctua DH-14 is about $60 bucks right now and cool about as well as the H100i and is very quiet. So you might want to take a look at that. The only reason I didnt get it is because I am in south korea, and the DH-14 is still over $100 here.

the dark knight is probably is better bang for the buck 'specially if your gonna throw $30 bucks more for fans after $100 for the h100i. if you do go with the h100i i would leave the stock fans as they are basically the same fans with a higher rpm rating, 2350 for the sp vs 2700 for the stock



Honestly, I wouldn't get an H100i. Instead, get a Phanteks PH-TC14PE with nice fans, such as Corsair SP120s (the PH-TC14PE uses 140mm fans, but with a 120mm mounting scheme, so it can also use 120mm fans), Noctua NF F12s, Noctua NF-A15s, etc., etc.

However, with either setup, you should be able to hit 5.0gHz with reasonable temps, if your chip can hit it.

Ooops I did mean SP120s lol.

The phanteks is good but check this article.


They perform the same, but the noctua NH-d14 comes with great fans already included. For the same cooling, the NH-d14 is a lot quieter. And its just $60. Thats a steal. People say its easy to install too.

I was wanting the H100i for looks too. I'm eventually going to get the Asus Sabertooth, imagine how that'd look with a H100i.

it would look like this:


but that is so much money... You should get a i7 haswell if you are going to do all that.. if you go big, make it worth it.

That said, it does look cool. If you want performance, the noctua NH-d14 is a fantastic cooler with a great price. It was originally about $100.