3570k vs 3770k?

A lot of people say that I may aswell save $100 and get the 3570k but I've got an extra hundred to spend and I was wondering if I should go with the 3770k or spend it on better parts. I plan on gaming, coding, rendering & animating with my build.


not worth the worth it in my opinion. 3770k will do 10% better in rendering but thats about it

i <3 my 3570k.

it runs warm not hot with my h100. currently have all cores running at 4488MHz -> 4.5GHz. to be honest it's all you need if you arent already accustomed to the kind of cpu like a i7. 

good luck. save the 100 and buy this excellent cooler.

Sounds to me like you dont need the 3770k. Trust me, at first I thought the same thing, but turns out the 3570k works just fine. If i could go back, i'd grab the 3570k.

My friend owns 3570k

I own 3770k


If you render a whole bunch and do lots of editing then yeah maybe its worth it.. but then again, i'd just go with the 3930k

If you render a lot you should be buying an i7. Gaming definitely i5 2500K and up. 

True story. In the end it just really depends on the OP because only OP will know the amount of rendering they do. For me though, i dont do enough to justify buying a 3770k.. but I already have one lol..

your all wrong, seeing as he does rendering, etc, your better off with an AMD FX 8350 or 8320, the gaming performance isn't significantly, if at all, less than the i5, and it has 8 cores, meaning that it will render far faster than the i5. get the 8320, and take the extra money and get a really nice cooling setup, and overclock to ~5ghz. you will smoke the i5 in rendering, and have gaming performance about the same as the i5.

just picked up a 3570K, not looking to overclock untill i get a better Powersupply, let ya guys know how it runs.

3770k beacuse of reasons

I would take the extra $100 and put it towards a graphics card or a nice SSD. There's no reason to spend the extra money on the 3770 unless you're going to be doing a lot of rendering, 3D modeling, or other cpu intesive application. Either that or if you don't have anywhere else to spend the $100 then go ahead and get the i7. If you can get some better parts elsewhere though, then get the 3570k.

I've got both CPU's in 2 different gaming rigs, in games, there is no difference both clocked at 4.0Ghz on air

And in rendering the i7 is quicker (not by much) but honestly $100 extra isn't worth the performance you get, I agree with others, spend the extra $100 on a H100 and OC the 3570K it to 4.6 Ghz + and that will net much better performance overall. Or a better GPU.