3570k P8Z77-I Deluxe

Hey guys.. I'm having a little trouble getting my 3570k passed 4.0 GHz.


I've set Multiplier to 42, LLC to High, Turbo and Speedstep off, and manual voltage from 1.15 to 1.2 and can not get it stable in Prime 95. I'm using an Antec Kuhler 620 in Push/Pull so my cooling is adequate.


Are there any other things I need to look into, I know that is a quick and dirty way to OC but it's been rock solid @ 4.0, just completely unstable above that. 




you could try turning off LLC and set the voltage to 1.2 and see if you can get 4.2.  You should be at 4.3 or 4.4 at 1.2v though but every chip and motherboard are different.

Looks like High is set to 50% LLC and Ultra High is 75%.

I think I have better success with Ultra High. I ran Prime 95 last night for about 45m with 1.2v & Ultra High LLC @ 4.2. Temps were around 60-65' so it looks that this combo might be a winner.

4.4 @ 1.2 is a no go @ 1.2v. I don't think I'd need much more though.

I'm OK with not having the best chip honestly.. 4.2 is a great place to be :P

I got my 3770k running at 4.4GHz on 1.2v using the P8Z77-I Deluxe easily.

Guess you didn't luck out chip wise :O

Yeah.. the voltage needed for 4.2 seems to be around 1.275 with this chip.

Definitely a wall after 1.2.

* needed for 4.4

Could you give me detailed settings you used?

I got my 3570k to 4.6 with 1.3v. It runs slightly warm if I run prime95 for more than 6 hours but does pretty good in real world usage.

Any details on how you did it?

I've pretty much set the turbo, turned off speedstep, manual vcore and changed the LLC. Anything else I should look at?

It's my first ever OC, and looking at other people's setups it looks like I've been extremely fortunate to get that much out of it. I set the memory profile to XMP and set the multiplier to 40, booted the pc, ran prime95 and used Asus's OC utility to add multipliers and voltage until it wasn't stable anymore, then backed it off a bit. Then I went and put the settings in the UEFI and it's been like this for over 6 months now and haven't had so much as a hiccup.

First oc and you went to 4.6?! Hot damn, you get things done.

Used XMP, set memory manually to 1600MHz, set cpu multiplier to 44, and manually set voltage to 1.200v.

It's with air cooling too D: