3570k or 2500k?

So for the build, Ill be gaming and rendering youtube videos. Now Ive heard that the 3570 would help in rendering, but if I got that, would it be less good for gaming then the 2500k?

not at all. 3570k is as good as, and probably a little bit better than the 2500k

So if ill be rendering my best bet is to get the 3570? But also logan said the 2500k is better for OC...idk hard choice

3570k is better clock-for-clock. 2500k will oc silightly higher, but the 3570k will still be a bit better, even at lower clock speeds.

3570k. all i will say

If you are going to OC you will get better performance out of the 2500k that's just from my personal test results... not something I read online but I did myself instead. But keep in mind the 3570k is more future proof because it supports 3.0 bus speeds on the pci controll arms, I mean you won't use that right now with GPU's only use for 3.0 really is pci SDD cards. Clock for clock as comissar said the 3570k is only about 5% better but it does run slightly cooler, so if you don't plan on OCing get the 3570k. That's if you don't mind paying the price difference for 5% performance.

I think it mostly depends on the price.  If the 2500k is significantly cheaper than the 3570k then you get the better deal with the 2500k.  If the prices are very similar, pick the 3570k.

But then since you say you do a lot of rendering... if the software that you use can utilize Quicksync, then I'd probably pick the 3570k regardless.

couldn't reccomend anyone building a 2500k system as a main computer @ this point, i would save the extra money and buy a better chip. sure it can overclock but it's also already outdated, so how will that stand exactly one year from today.