3570K Good Enough?

I want to hear your thoughts on this, do you guys think I should be upgrading my i5 anytime soon? Its serving me pretty well right now, but it could be better, and I dont want to bottleneck any future GPU upgrades. I can always overclock harder, but how far will that really get me? Thanks for any input.

if we are going to talk about a gaming perspective, your 3570K is still totaly fine for gaming.

No need for an upgrade at all for just gaming.

Productivity is a diffrent story.

I'm still rocking my 3570k at 4.4 Ghz and as far as I can tell I haven't had any CPU bottlenecks except in maybe Starcraft 2.

I might upgrade my 7950 to dual 970s soon though, so I might notice my CPU bottlenecking more.

I JUST bought this a few weeks. Coming from an i3 dual core (don't judge me!!!) It was a huge upgrade. It fells like I finally got a good CPU for everything.

About the bottleneck. It shouldn't botttleneck anything anytime soon. Gaming is great, but like MisteryAngel said, productivity is different.

Like most of these questions.



Your 3570k is good for at least 1 or 2 years ( maybe change whne a smaller node arrives ).

3570k at 4.2 ghz with a 670 sli is perfect at 1440p .

Considering I'm just gaming on this rig, looks like I'll be fine. Thanks everybody!

Your kidding right? That computer is still beast mode! Few more years out of it easy!

my i5 [email protected] is still amazing for gaming..so your i5 3570k is still a long road from being bad 

yeah, my i5-3570k is at 4.4 at stock voltage and it doesnt mis a step (I had it at 4.6, but there was no purpose so I brought it down to save power). My GTX 680 4gb bottlenecks before the CPU does and I have that overclocked too.

I agree with above, the i5-2500k is also still a good chip to have and not worth upgrading at the moment, unless your income is dependent upon your processing speed (3d animation, or video rendering).

I still use it as my main system.  I can recode a 720p mkv into a 720p xbox 360 wmv hd, in about 7 minutes per 40 minutes.