3570k/7970 work in progress

Been planning this build over the last few days, think I'm pretty much happy with the parts I have listed, already bought the Gigabyte 7970. Looking for input on suitable Case and PSU as well as any additional suggestions. Any advice is appreciated. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/GcnH

I meant to mention I'm looking at the FD Define R4 for the case, anyone know if this would fit the HAVIK 140?

Looks good, but the 2133 ram is overkill IMO, but if you edit a lot and might use it in your next build then it makes sense, that 3570K will love you for having a decent cooler on it too.

I'm not saying 2133 RAM is overkill, but 1866 is better priced. Check out some G.Skill Ripjaws, or G.Skill Ares, whichever is cheaper overseas.

no problem, it has more clearence than most cases, over 170mm i believe so you should be fine!