3570 Overclock



Just a small question here about my overclock,

I did all these OCs on prime for about a hour, (except 5ghz only did that on cinebench due while benching it was alr 83 degrees :P )


My simple question is that what you think is the best temprature you would stick on?

And what you think whats the highest comfortable volt you should use on this chip,

I am atm on 4.6 ghz just since thats more safe atm, And its fast enough i guess ^^

I am using the Corsair H100i with push pull gentle thyphoon ap15s.

With a hafX all with megaflows expect top since the CFM of the APs are more.

With a Asus P8z77-v.


Ambient was always around 20 degrees

Tested OC: 

4.6ghz / Voltage:1.295 = Idle aprox 20-25c / During load 65 highest core. (20 min prime)

4.8ghz / Voltage 1.395 = Idle aprox 20-25 / During load 75-82 depends on core. (20 min prime)



Small question if i did not damage my CPU during the 5.0ghz, It was on 1.54v And never went up 85c





those are really good temps :P

i would go with the 4.8GHz overclock personally, try testing it for longer though to see how much higher the temps will go

I highly doubt a single cinebench run with your 5GHz overclock would have damaged the chip

Well i also doubt it since none of the core was very hot, all under 85c, So i guess it should be ok,

I did hear above 1.5 would fry a cpu like mine, but i guess its alright since its under 85c?

I did not try priming it tho :P

Well i will try stressing them again, 4.8 etc,

But does anyone know a limit of Voltage for healthy daily use?

Like 1.5 and dont go up that ?


Also its now winter here so probably at summer it will be 4.6 again :P

all the OC sites are saying 1.50v. But TBH that still a guess. IMO I would not go over 1.40v for a 25/7 OC. Also I know its prime stable but have you checked for WHEA errors?

Can you explain me more about WHEA?


Well i guess that limit can be overdone when it just isnt getting to hot, Wich did not in my case,

So i guess for just benchmarking it, it should be ok?


Thanks for your help ^^

So what is WHEA?

Why not use the turbo boost for the overclock? Helps saving power and CPU life if it's not running 4.8GHz 24/7.

I do use the Turbo boost,

But without stepping technology so it is always 4.8-4.6 ghz,

Why? Due turbo/stepping is kinda instabile for overclocks so far i know. since it changes the voltages around etc.

Its ok with these chips to have stepping with an OC. Why have it at 4.8ghz while surfing the web? I am down to like 1.6ghz while web surfing an 0.99v-1.08v an @ 24c-26c. Volts in the end is whats kills the life span of chips.

As far as WHEA erros go. Its easy to find them while using p95 if your OC isnt a 100% stable. Instead of p95 crashing like it would on a SB chip it recovers be for it can crash so you get it to pass p95 an seem stable. But its really ALMOST failing or I sould say it failed but recovered so P95 never saw it fail. TBH really little info on WHEA errors.Some ppl are running there OC with them an not caring others are backing the OC down an uping the volts to get rid of them. WHEA errors seems to pop up when there is not enough volts for the OC. IMO from what little info there is if you have WHEA errors then you not a 100% TRUE STABLE. Again this is just what I like to go by.

Well when i turn on Stepping it doesnt seem to do it,

Maybe due i have a SSD or something?

When i was using my HDD it was stepping, Now with SSD its always at max mhz.

Hey I would leave it at 4.8ghz just like the others mentioned. Set your voltage at 1.35v I am pretty sure it will be stable. I have my 3770K running at 1.35v. Also just know about temps our CPUs MAX limit is 105C so don't get too worried about being in the 80s.

Hey if you really really really want to know if your system would be stable, I recommend you run 10 runs of Intel Burn Test. That test will certainly kill your system. It is much more stressful than Prime 95. If you can pass Intel Burn Test, you can past anything.

Also what motherboard are you using? I want to know so I can take a look at your BIOS and see what features you have to help you with your OC. Also what CPU cooler are you using as well?

Intel Burn Test download: http://majorgeeks.com/IntelBurnTest_d5987.html



My pc: 

PC setup
Case: Coolermaster Haf X
CPU: Intel 3570k @ 4.8ghz
Cooling: Corsair H100i - PP
Mobo: Asus p8z77-v
RAM: Corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz
Graphics: MSI r7950
HDD: Samsung 1500gb 5400rpm / Seagate 1000gb 7200rpm | Seagate 500gb 7200rpm
SSD: Samsung 840 250gb
PSU: Coolermaster GX750

Well every chip is diffrent i guess ^^,

And so far i tryed 1.395 is smallest voltage i can let it run on

thanks for your help ^^

btw what stress lvl should i run it on? just standard?

Btw i gotta say it does get tempratures higher then a temp95 and seems more laggy on windows so its good i guess,

My 4.6ghz passed the test, aint sure about 4.8 yet.

1.4v isnt bad for 4.8ghz but again I would not want to run 1.4v 24/7. But  I guess if your going to upgrade your chip in two years high volts wont matter for you.Rumour has it 1.5v is max for IB. I stress RUMOUR.

Well i am using 4.6ghz mostly atm, Since thats 1.295 volts, seems better for a lifespan

Since i aint sure how long my PC will get used, maybe 3 years, maybe longer, no idea depends on if i stay gaming etc etc ;P