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350eur GPU for a gaming VM on a 1950x



Recently I got a new PC, a threadipper 1950x build. Im virutalizing everything, including a gaming VM.

Now it’s time for me to upgrade the graphics card (still rocking a GTX 670, still running fine). My budget is max 350 euro, willing to save up more if the deal is good. What’s a good card to get for that price? Since it’s a gaming VM, i’ll have to use gpu pass-through… any hidden trapdoors?

Im Dutch, so primarily using the german or (screens are Below I capped a few cards I was looking at and their prices. Excuse the Dutch, but you’ll understand.

Note: I’m also interested in getting 4k monitors, gaming is probably too heavy for that yet but scaling down to 2k should more than playable.

amazon price ranges from 350 to 450… dont really know why tbh

^ that’s the lowest listing btw, other 1660 cards go for up to 350, cant tell what’s different. Amazon has a listing of 280eur.

Amazon lists ~400 euro.

PS. 350 euro = 397 US dollars.