350d or 650d, in other words ATX or mATX?

Hi I'm looking for a case for my PC build, but I can't seem to work out which one to choose. Not only am I having trouble with choosing inside the mid-tower range I am also having difficulty choosing between ATX or mATX.

Can anybody help?


Are you going to go Intel or AMD?  If you're going AMD then mATX isn't your best bet, there really aren't any good motherboards for AMD in the mATX form factor.

I was thinking intel, but thanks for the update about AMD. But when I am going intel what is my best shot then gonna be?

Depends on what you want to use the computer for.  When I was doing my build I knew i wanted to build something I could expand on, so i went full ATX, etc. at the cost of some portability.  mATX is more portable, but you loose a lot of your ability to expand later on.