$350 Computer Build?

Okay people, this will be a hard one for you. I need a $350 computer, this won't be a gaming computer but more of a multimedia computer. I am a YouTube partner and I need a computer that can handle rendering (quad core prefered) it would also have to be able to run the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software to record Xbox gameplay. I would like an AMD and an Intel option. Thanks!

This was what i could find, there are some cheaper cpu´s ofc you can allways chance some things.

AMD http://pcpartpicker.com/p/IEeT

 Intel quadcore build to me seems inpossible, for that budget

now it should work

Link does not work.

The link only shows the motherboard?

now it should work

but itsstill a littlebit over budget, and the zalman case doesnt have usb 3.0 front connectors, but if thats no problem..  there are some cheaper quadcore cpus, but those are on fm1 and thats a bit outdated to me i guess,  with all those reduces i come at 373 dollar or so.

you can also take a cheaper psu, an motherboard ofc, to  take  the price more down

Can you make one that doesn't use the APU? All I need is a cheap GPU to just hook up a monitor. Maybe a 1gb DDR3? Monitor is 21"

You could add a 6670 then. 

A10 APU+6670 GFX card should be good. i have this set up, and i play most games at medium to high settings. my only suggestion, is if  you plan to overclock the A10, get at least a CM Hyper 212. Get an MSI board so it can help you with the over clock, i was running my A10 at 4.0 GHZ @ 35*C, not bad

I also have a 3570k OC'd to 4.2 GHZ with a GTX 660 Ti OC'd.

if you dont want an APU you can get an AM3+ cpu.

like an FX 4100 or a Phenom 965 Black Edition.

as for the board, im not sure what your budget is, most ~$80ish boards could only do Crossfire, kinda leaving you with the option of only AMD cards. up to you on the motherboard.


Here is a build for roughly $280 after rebates. 



And here is one for $333. It's a little more powerful than the $280 build. 

I put the 7750 in there because it costs just a little more than the 6670 after rebates.


In the future if you feel that the Pentium or the i3 are not fast enough, you could upgrade to an i5 or an i7.


Good luck with what you're doing!

Nice builds but there is a problem... Its dual core and also it will cost him more to upgrade -_-"

I don't agree with SecretAuthors build, it would be more cost effective and more future proof to go with the APU plus a 6670. With a dedicated GPU you may have to spend an extra $50, but if your rendering, you do not want a dual core or a 1333 Mhz RAM. Here is what I got at  $419.75.


I reworked some things and this may also hit your fancy. It uses an AMD II X4 955 Black with a 6670 at $372.25.



As you asked... ☻

AMD quadcore build,


If you chance the cpu for a FX4300 then i come at 402 dollars..


That's a good build but I wouldn't do a single channel of RAM because it will make it slower. It's better to grab 2 sticks of 2GB for rendering purposes.

Wow.. Since we're ignoring the poster and throwing up specs that are clearly over his budget, I'll toss this into the mix..

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/JdFj $425.63 (For just a little more than an APU build, you can get an i5 instead)

yes you are right on that :) i allready edited the build :)  thank for notice

Ram is cheap. Later down the line he can pick up a second 4 gb stick if he wants.

Sure as heck beats replacing both sticks..

Your right, you got me, but MisteryAngel and I also gave almost identical builds that was still clearly in his price range under it. He also did ask for AMD and Intel builds, so you were totally right to give an Intel build. I just stated my opinion on what I thought was better.

Yeah but You don't know when he might upgrade and we are trying to not only give him the best future proof but also the best system of which he can use as of right now.

yes the i3 build you made was nice to, but  topic starter asked for a quadcore  build, and i  know its inpossible under 400 dollars on intel