$35 mechanical keyboard

Hey, anyway i thought this deal was kinda nice so i wanted to let anyone in the market for a keyboard know about it.





Oh and also (I do not know if this would work) but you could price match the $35 to NCIX then send in the $20 rebate basically making the the keyboard $15.




P.S This is most likely the wrong place to post this.

wow, i've just been in the market for a cheap as possible mech keyboard

also, as of this post my current keyboard has gone haywire (sticking keys)

edit: oh, it's canada only *sob*, damn you coolermaster

You have no right to complain. Quickfire costs at least $110 in Europe. And it's the same with almost everything tech-related. 

I would just be extremely happy to have US prices and delivery services. 

I have this at work with cherry blue switches and I love it. You can find them cheap sometimes:



I am looking for a keyboard ahome, but whne I purchased the cooler master it was dead-on-arrival. That really turned me off. I might try again, but I am sick of broken new stuff (I have had my Pioneer Elite amp in repair for two weeks, and I only got it two months before). 


I just want a solid keyboard I can bang on for a few years.

Sorry NCIX only price matches to the before mir price as that is the actual sale price.