35 hours of research.. Is this build good? ($750)

Hi guys, building a computer here... Been doing research for about.. 35 hours? 

After the 33 hour point, I found a budget enough to either fit an intel i5 3570k with an HD 7850, or an FX 8320 and an hd 7870. Is the FX 8320 or Intel i5 choice better? Heres the rest of my build:

Antex case - $25

MSI mobo with 970 chipset - $81 (or some other biostar lga 1155 mobo with a cheap chipset)

HIS iceQ HD 7870 2gb GDDR5 $220 (or the powercolor 7850 1gb gddr5 $180)

Corsair CX500W (they fixed the high pitched sound problem) - $54

AMD Fx 8320 $180 (or intel i5 3570k $226)

Seagate 320GB HDD 7200rpm - $54

Crucial 2x2 1866mhz RAM - $30

Total with shipping/taxes = $745 (Both intel or AMD)


Which would be the better choice?

Is there anything I could change? 














Good night :)

Only thing i have to say is to buy a 7870 XT for $240, since it's going to save you a lot more than the extra $20 you'll spend on it.

In canada I can only get it for $260 :/ How much better is the XT version than the normal one?

Go with AMD. It's going to be a much better bang for your buck.



Just realized you're in canada. Teriffic. 

How come I don't get an FX 8350 for $190 :( 

Remember, in canada everything is like 10% more expensive online C:

I checked how much it would cost me for the build you posted, and it would be $879 D: 

Thx tho

Check NCIX.

theres a deal on right now for a 3570k and P8Z77V-LK for 80$ off, a Corsair TX550M for 50$ and and you should be able to find a decent 7870 for around 220-230, so hopefully you can still get everything and come within budget.

BTW, some things in Canada (ive seen memory and Hard drives) can actually end up being cheaper than in the US.

Why only 4GB of RAM? And plus, that's awfully expensive RAM, considering there's some 8GB kits for the same price.


By the way, for like an extra $10-$15, you can upgrade from 320GB to 1TB :P


Get 2x4G of ram.

Find a cheap 1tb 7200rpm drive like a caviar blue or barracuda.

Try an NZXT source 210 case.

Maybe a higher watt power supply.

If your in canada, memoryexpress is the best place