3440x1440p vs 144hz?

Purely entertainment. But both 144hz and 1440p can add to your experience even if your not a pro gamer

Still need to fork over a lot of money to play 4K on ultra settings. Ya tech will catch up. But I'm not interested investing a thousand bucks every year upgrading my gpu. And as I've said I'm never ever going to go back to a 16:9 monitor

If you can afford a 34" Ultrawide 1440p 144Hz monitor and your computer can drive it at max settings go for it.

But you don't need to run games at ultra, playable fps is pretty much all that matters, and like a great display is going to last you much longer than just about any GPU.

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If you have read my original post I can't afford a 3400x1440 display that's higher than 60hz. But just so you know a 1440p ultrawide 144hz doesn't even exist

You can overclock the G-sync Predator to near that, but the free-sync one I listed above costs the same as the Benq display you're looking at, and runs at 75Hz

That is what I was replying to. I read your original post and gave you my thoughts.
What you need to think about is what you value most in your game play. Max beauty or max responsiveness. Personally I find 60Hz @ max settings more enjoyable than 120Hz at medium settings. I play multiplayer FPS and single player RPG's.

Only runs at 75hz with freesync on. As I said I have a 980ti

That's a fair point. I play BF4 multiplayer but never find in at a disadvantage with 60hz. It's just such a damn hard choice cause I love higher hz and higher resolutions so much

Well, then either nvidia drivers will get hacked, or nvidia will start to care about freedom some day, or you could always like sell it when polaris comes out as those cards will probably end up a bit faster anyways.

And nvidia will have something equally as fast. It's how it always goes and always will be. I just had a furyx for a couple months and traded it back for a 980ti. Wasn't happy with what amd had to offer on thier high end selection of GPUs

Well either way, it's still a 1440p 75Hz display, probably the best middle ground available between the 2, and ya, once you OC the 980ti the Fury X doesn't have much of a chance, though with the recent price drop on the nano, AMD got everything but the super high end and super low end in the bag.

It's simple; viewing comfort, and avoiding nausea while gaming for one hell of a time, 144Hz. If you need more room for many reasons I won't go into detail, 3440x1440. And as bonuses, but not entirely for the audience on this forum for budget or preference reasons, choose a 21:9 monitor that has colour critique in mind for the artist's haven, or for gamer's haven, Acer does have a few 21:9 144-200Hz 1440p monitors. I had a go on the 200Hz version and the smoothness was silk. I don't think Acer has released the 200Hz version because the store where I tried out the monitor received one apparently.

All things considered, if you think budget means nothing to you go for the ultimate goal.

My budget is about 1000$ Canadian. So that's either the 2560x1080 144hz or a 3440x1440p 60hz

OK. So what is very important to you? Being able to sustain long period of gaming without having side effects; one of them being mentioned earlier, or needing more pixels for workspace?

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Id like both but I can't afford both. I find 2560x1080 fine most of the time while gaming but don't like it when not gaming. I love high refresh rates but I can tolerate 60. Part of me does feel that if I get a 3440x1440 monitor it will last longer where as I feel that 1080 is on its way out in the next 2 years or so.

But then again my 980yi will better keep up with 2560x1080 for a few years where as if I go 3440x1440 I'll probably have to upgrade my gpu in a year to keep playing games at 60fps

go for a full on 4k.

although 144hz is REALLY nice.

but word of caution, the QC on the 1440p 144hz monitors atm is abysmal, forums are littered with people getting dead pixels, dust under panel among other defects.

proceed with caution,.

As mentioned above 4K is to hard to drive at the moment

really depends on the game.

Witcher 3, GTA V? yes, thankfully you can upscale 1080p perfectly, and even upscalled 1440p looks pretty good.