3440x1440p vs 144hz?

Looking for advice between 3440x1440 or 144hz. I love ultrawide monitors and won't go back to a 16:9. Currently I have a LG 34UM67 2560x1080 60hz but am looking to sell and upgrade. My friend has a BenQ XR3501 which is 2650x1080 but at 144hz. I love how the smoothness looks! Plus it's easy to drive that resolution. But I also am a graphics whore and love the idea of 3440x1440p. I can't afford a high hz 1440p ultrawide. So I'm looking to get either the BenQ or a 60hz 1440p ultrawide. I have a 980ti which I know is fine for the BenQ but is it enough for the 1440p ultrawide?

So along with all that what's your guys pros and cons of both in your personal opinions.

1440p 144Hz = win...

still 144Hz is better than 1440p 60Hz

So your saying the BenQ? As I said above I can't afford 1440p ultrawide at higher than 60hz

Well a 4k display gives you more pixels for less money compared to 21:9 displays, so I'd forget the ultrawide anyways.

and if you play a lot of fast paced games you're going to want the 144hz display.

otherwise what you mean you don't have $1500 to drop on the overclockable 21:9 1440p display.

I know your all into your 4K displays and you preach it a lot on this sight but it's to hard to drive with current AAA games. Maybe if I had two 980tis but not with one. I also know that you can make a 4K display 21:9 in a sense but it's not the same. Has to be a real 34 inch 21:9 format display for me.

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i'm not saying Benq or other ones, I'm just stating 144Hz delivers much better experience than larger amount of pixels.


But you could just run games at lower resolutions though, like 1080p which scales perfectly, and then you have all the extra pixels for productivity.

Especially now with the 32" 4k korean display that wendell just reviewed, that thing is only around $400

I would have to agree with you. In games 1080 to 1440p isn't as huge of a difference as 60hz to 144hz. But in the desktop 1440p shines. But I do game more than I am doing stuff online it the desktop

I can never go back to playing a game at 16:9 after gaming on 21:9. It would be like goin back to a 4:3

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I swapped out my 1440p display for a 1600x1200 CRT @ 75Hz lol, the 1440p is now my portrait monitor

But ya, which 21:9 display were you looking at anyways? the cheapest one I know of is around $600

its not only about gaming, if you haven't noticed your eyes tire less from 144Hz; its overall feeling of freshness (but once you go over 200Hz refresh ... man its hard to go back to 144Hz)

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Have you tried 200hz? Is it really that much better?

its better, u get the feelz :) like masturbating for first time (lul)

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As stated above it will be either the BenQ XR3501 which is 2560x1080 144hz or some 3440x1440 60hz which ever one is cheaper.

Haha well I know acer has that Z35 or what ever it's called. But where I live it's 1600$

the cheap 1440p one

That benq display looks pretty bad for the money, I get that it has a high refresh rate, but ya, 1080p?

this one's 1440p @ 75Hz with free-sync, same price as the Benq

Dunno if you can OC it like the G-sync one

most likely oc even more than g-sync.

1080p doesn't matter to me when I'm gaming. In non gaming ya it looks crappy at that screen size but games I don't notice as much

Plus it would be way easier to run than 3440x1440

What do you value more? Performance or beauty?
Are you a competitive FPS pro gamer (144Hz) or do you game solely for entertainment (1440p @60Hz)?

But better GPUs are always getting cheaper, which is why I recommend 4k so much.