3400g + MSI Mortar Max Overclocking

I am running out of things to do thanks to covid-19 quarantine so I decided to OC my media/browsing machine.

Ryzen 5 3400g, MSI Mortar Max, Mem Corsair 1600 (3200)

SOC: 1.1v GPU Clock: 1200 Furmark 1080 preset: 903
SOC: 1.1v GPU Clock: 1600 Furmark 1080 preset: 920
SOC: 1.1v GPU Clock: 1700 Artifacts
SOC: 1.2v GPU Clock: 1700 Possibly stable?
SOC: 1.2v GPU Clock: 1800 Fail to boot

Seems like the GPU does not like to go above mem frequency. But even if I spend the next week getting the mem to 2000Mhz (4000) and the gpu to 2000, I predict a 5% gain in performance over 1600.

CPU Load Line: Level 4 (same as auto)
Vcore 1.25 clock: 3900 maybe stable with prime95, unstable prime + furmark.
vcore 1.25 clock: 3800 stable prime + furmark, max temp 81
vcore 1.30 clock: 3900 maybe stable
vcore 1.30 clock: 4000 unstable
CPU Load Line: Level 2
vcore 1.30 clock: 4000 still unstable

open hardware monitor reports max 46W package power, the 3400g has a TDP of 65…

Mem command rate 1T is selected by default.
2T yields sightly worse furmark score.

Conclusion: its not worth overclocking a 3400g (unless your under quarantine and have nothing better to do).

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