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32GB dimm modules for Z390


Hey Guys,

I’m building a new system with Z390, using a Gigabyte Auros ULTRA and the i9 9900K. Both the board and CPU support 32GB DIMMs for a max of 128GB, Which we need to saturate.

There are no current consumer grade 32GB DIMM sticks, other than those from ZADAK and G.SKILL, both of which are DC and only support select boards, the boards of which only have two DIMM slots, capable of a max 64GB

I need to get RAM that supports my board, at 32GB per module. But I can’t seem to find them. Seen as the board only supports non-ECC un-buffered RAM, or ECC un-buffered RAM ran in non-ECC mode. Both of which I can only find 16GB DIMMs of.

I don’t need it to be consumer. I’m expecting to pay a lot for it. But if anyone can help guide to find supported RAM that would be great.

The 32GB DIMM support was added to the boards on 2019/03/15 but the RAM support list hasn’t been updated since 2019/02/14. So it doesn’t contain any information on 32GB DIMMs.

I’ve been researching for days now. Can’t seem to find anything.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Mason ~



They should be in production by now… who know when on the market better… but I have seen these out there… but way overpriced.




The far cheaper path forward (and definitely easier - as boards will be certified for this - 32 GB modules won’t be certified on jack shit yet - and 16 GB modules are available easily) would be to get a HEDT board and just use twice as many 16 GB modules?

Unless you have some super, super niche workload that is single threaded yet needs 128 GB of RAM (i can’t think of any?) surely jumping to the HEDT platform would be a win? Better IO options, better RAM options, more cores?

The difference in cost on RAM alone would pay for the HEDT platform shift, I suspect?

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Is there any reason you need a 9900k and 128GB RAM?

Like @thro said, HEDT (X299 on Intel, X399 on AMD) is the much easier route to getting support for 128GB RAM.



Yeah, It is a niche workload. We use AGIsoft Photoscan for point cloud construction from photos. Cores to clock of the 9900K is the best for this task right now.