£325 pc

what do you guys think any good?
  • AMD Athlon 750K 4.0GHz Quad Core CPU
  • 8GB of 1333Mhz DDR3
  • RAM1TB Hard Drive Storage
  • SpaceRadeon HD 6450 2GB Graphics
  • GA-F2A55M-DS
  • Shark Gaming Case & 450W Basic

I'd go this way http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/2rN5M


You only need 4GB of RAM for gaming. You can add another 4GB later.

This build costs a total of around £340, but it contains a 7850. Worth it if you can save up the additional funds. The 7850 will play a good number of games on high/ultra settings at 1080p.

Ensure that you grab an A75 chipset motherboard or greater. This will grant you USB3 and 6GB sata for SSDs.

ALWAYS! grab a good PSU like the XFX unit. Never use a no-name brand unit, they will damage your components.

And always use a 80 plus certified or greater power supply. :)

thanks for your help