32 In LCD TV Help

I have a 32 in tv connected to a 470 gtx when I use HDMI the screen becomes so blurry that text is unreadable and when I use vga it is readable to an extent. Does anyone know of a way to make the picture as clear as a standard computer monitor?

HD resloutions on PC will always look weird on HDTVs. I had a 470 before I upgraded and text was a bit difficult to read on 1920x1080p. You can always lower your res to 1600x900 to keep your aspect ratio. That will make text easyer to read. On a side note, your card is going to get HOT running on an HDTV. I ran on a 47" TV for a while and almost melted my card. Be careful with that card of yours. I would recomend that you put a custom fan curve on to deal with the heat.