30fps questions

So why do people care that their games run higher than 30fps? Can't the human eye only see 30fps? Isn't anything higher just over kill?

Nope. Eyes don't see with a framerate, they see continuously. A monitor has to do its best to approximate that while only drawing in discrete intervals.

It's about how fast things move, really. Something moving fast enough (which is not actually very fast) at 30fps looks broken and choppy. You can see the individual frames. The same thing would look much better at 60fps.

Something moving fast enough (which is much faster) at 60fps has the same problem, so some folks upgrade to 120 or 144hz displays.

This pattern does not stop at any magical framerate, beyond which your eyes can't "see" the difference. The speed required to cause choppiness just increases with each jump in framerate. Instead, it's an economic choice (like everything else). If, in games you play, nothing moves across the screen fast enough to break up and bother you at your current framerate, you don't need to upgrade.

no the human eye is not a camera it does not see in frames per second.  30fps is about were the eye recognizes the picture as fluid motion.  Over 30fps is important if you want a smooth seamless image while playing games I personally consider any thing under 40fps to be too low for me.  I play most of my games at about 100fps on my 120hz monitor and there is a large difference in the smoothness between 30-60-100+ fps its one of those things you have to see and play in person to understand.  I was skeptical at first the difference it makes with higher fps but if you play a lot its very noticeable.  Aim for around 40-60fps in your games to get a good experience I would say for most people.

Nope, anyone with functioning eye's and a brain can tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps.  Basically 24 fps you perceive it as motion, and the max where you can't tell the difference any longer is around 240 hz, depends on the person though