300r corsair with H80i?

I just boutgh the corsair 300r and was thingking about upgrading  my current CPU cooler ( Vendetta 2 by OCZ ) i was thinking about the corsair h80i does any body has this all in one cooler , any recomendations? Do yo think it will a good upgrade im probably gonna be overcloking ..

get the h100i it'll perform better. or even better yet the h110. they will both fit in the roof of your case.

Totally agree... I currently have the H80 and it leaves me a bit wanting... Wishing I had the H100i !

inm worried that it´ll really fit in the case i dont have that much room on the top and i dont want no mod it.

worst comes to worst you can put the fans on the outside and run the cables in. Do it dude it's worth it.

Go for the Xigmatek Dark Knight II.  It's only $50 and it outperforms the H80i and the H100, and unlike the Noctua NH-D14, it isn't ginormous!

Get get a keatsink and warp your mobo with it. wooo. bad mobo's to warping yayz

Um... what?  I assume you're trying to say, "don't get a heatsink, it'll warp your motherboard."  That risk is really only possible if you're moving your case a lot or it gets knocked over.  In addition, the risk is fairly minimal unless you're using a giant heatsink like the Noctua NH-D14.  The Xigmatek Dark Knight and other similar heatsinks are not that large, and don't pose that much of a risk to your motherboard.

I was attempting sarcasm i know it's hard in text.

actually that was one of the options to put them in the top of the case, how is it the same if the fans are pulling or pushing with the h100i no performance decrease , what do you thing??   the other things its esthetics i  im not sure about the fans on top may be i  can get i gril to put on top of the fans.

What about the h110 ? i ask becasuse i think that with tha fans outside it would probably fit any ideas??


i have now a ocz vendetta 2 that its similar to the xigmatek dark knitgh 2 , i like the price do you really thing it outperforms both of them. i mean its water vs air ..

Get the swiftech h220 because it destroys the h80i and h100i. You can also expand off this in the future espcially because the pump is extremely powerfull. This is what I may be getting sooner then later with a new case.


I had the H80, and that thing was HUGE.

1. It is a thicker radiator that the H100 (IDK Specific measurements, I'm sure they're easy to find.)

2. The H80 will not perform very well unless you use two fans in a push/pull configuration, which makes it even thicker! Think, two 25mm fans, with like a 25mm block, thats 75mm. Do you have room for that in your 300R? I've got a 400R and that thing was a pain to make fit.

If I placed it in the recommended position by corsair, it is on the back of the case as an intake (read the manual, that is the recommended placement) It sits directly on top of the mosfet heatsink, and it was getting HOT! It restricted almost all of the airflow to it, and that in turn was making the H80 hot, in turn making my processor run hot!

The ONLY other option for me was to use it on the top of the case as an exhaust, as that is the only other spot it would reach and fit into a fan mount. Once again, this thing was way too big. It sat DIRECTLY above my RAM. I've got low profile RAM, and if I had anything with a bit of a heatsink, it wouldn't fit. period. It also doesn't fit in the spot next to that, because the shape of the radiator doesn't allow it to be properly placed in the fan mounts.

The H100 works GREAT with only 2 fans in a push or a pull configuration. I believe the recommended is pull, and overall will work as an exhaust for your system, and will be MUCH slimmer than the H80, and will cool your processor down like a boss.

Trust me, from experience, a fellow corsair case owner of the carbide series (and mine even has more room than yours) you want the H100. Please buy the H100, not the H80.


Edit: also, I saw a recommendation for the swiftech h220. That thing is kicking ass in benchmarking tests right now compared to the H100i, H100, Kraken, etc. Definitely consider that one, and check out LinusTechTips' video on the temperature comparison.

it all depends on your motherboard. chances are the h100 wont be able to clear your motherboard.

h80's are still ok. go with that as external fans look ghetto imho.

You may be right, depending on the motherboard. Check out this link here. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=560560

But regardless, the H80 will be thicker than the H100 if you want it to be effective, because it would be push/pull, whereas the H100 works phenomenally with pull or push only.

Agreed, external fans do look pretty tacky.

Thanks for all the info, I think my best option rigth now its to go for the h100i and find the way to mount the fans on top of the case  ( perfomance wise) , the thing is i really dont like how they look , they would tottaly mess the look of the case . or just go with a high end air cooling solution that always an option.

thats an option i prefer a fan on the back that two on the top ...getto gaming case lol !  theres an issue with that,  the 300r has the back fan grill bulge out and im not sure if its possible to mount a fan on the back i will have to check