$3000 Gaming PC


I would like to build a $3000 gaming computer. I know that teksyndicate has a $3000 gaming and editing pc on their channel but i would like to attach three monitors to this computer and there system only has one graphics card. I was wondering what parts that you think i should get for a computer like this. I will mostly be using it for gaming but i might do some occasional video editing. I was thinking socket 2011 but if i need to spend some extra money on the graphics cards i will be happy to go socket 1155. I know that you guys will probably tell me to do some research myself so can you just give me an idea of what kind of major components i should get and then ill get the other stuff. Thanks for the help guys.

the grapihcs card they are using gtx 680 supports 3 monitors


actually i supports up to 4 monitors 

damn autocorrect!!!
"actually the 680 supports up to 4 monitors

Just because a card supports up to a certain amount of monitors doesn't mean you're going to get a good framerate in games. Give me a few minutes and I'll see what I can come up with.

This is what I would go with: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/u267

I don't know if you need the monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers, or operating system included in the build though.

$3000 including Monitors (three of them?) and all other peripherals, or $3000 without peripherals? 

an i7 3970X and two GTX 690s would be fine

the 3970x is way overkill..

If you are going to be gaming on surround I think you would need all the vRAM you can get so you should get cards with double the standard RAM amount. I mean either 7970 with 6gb of RAM or GTX680 4GB.. and I honestly dont think you would need more than 2.. the expence of getting a third really wont get you any significantly higher framerates..

and if you get two gfx cards, a 850watt PSU is enough.. just dont get the cheapest one, get a seasonic, xfx, corsair or something like that.. 

maybe getting a smaller 128gb ssd for windows and applications and a seperate 250gb/500gb ssd for games if you think that is necessary.

and being a fan of fractal designs cases I would recomend their Define XL :)