£300 to spend on a GPU

As the title suggests, I've £300 to spend on a GPU. I'm looking at R9 390s at the minute, it's the obvious choice. Really wondering which one to get though. The sapphire nitro's my current pick. Would be nice to get some help in choosing which 390 to go for.

Current PC specs if anyone's wondering if that card'd be OP for my rig:
- i7 4790K
- 8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro (1866Mhz)
- MSI Z97-G45
- EVGA 750W B2
- Corsair Obsidian 650D
- Samsung 120GB 840 EVO
- 1TB WD Blue 7200RPM

Note I could still use an aftermarket CPU cooler. Made a topic about this months ago and didn't get round to grabbing one. Could do now though, I suppose.

(would like to swap out the 840 EVO, I've a 120GB M/BX100 (can't remember which) lying around somewhere that was used in a laptop, so that's no problem anyway, haven't felt the need to switch).

I might be able to go about £10-20 over if need be. I might have some moar monies coming in soon from a Nigerian prince.

Card should be fine, it's just about the best higher end card for the money until you hit 980ti territory.

Any of them will do, Dunno about that one, but on the MSI one the VRAM is properly cooled for possibly some better overclocking

Overclockers had some deals on this week for the Powercolor 390 and 390X. The 390 was down to under £230 at one point but I think it has gone back up to £240. The 390X is probably only a little over your budget at the moment.

Get the Sapphire because Sapphire cares about gaming and we like to support them. All the cards are very similar anyway.

Obligatory "AMD Nerd"



or: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/Hr3hcf

or: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/brYmTW

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I think a R9-390. Sapphire Nitro or Msi Gaming 8G,
would be your best bang for buck to grab.

Buying a 390X over a 390 doesnt make that much sense to me personaly.
Out of the box, the performance diffrence between these 2 cards is so minimal, that it does not justify the extra cost for the 390X imo.

Of course you "might" be able to overclock a 390X slightly more to sqeeze a bit more performance out of it.
But at what cost?
And it is still a matter of silicon luck imo.

In the end its ofc personal, but i cannot recommend a 390X over a 390 at all.
Wenn it comes to bang for buck the 390 is the card i would recommend.

Groovy, defo going to go with a 390 then. Is the MSI card that bad tho? It's really the only card other than the sapphire nitro I was considering. It's got a backplate which is a plus over the sapphire card but then I'd imagine the sapphire card's cooler can be, well, cooler... and quieter?

according to the Msi 390 Gaming 8G vs Sapphire 390 Nitro.

The Msi comes with higher clocks out of the box, so it will most likely perform slightly better.
But i think the diffrence will be minimal.
However the Sapphire cards have the better cooling untit.
Msi card tend to run a bit hotter then the sapphire nitro from what i have seen.

Keep on saving. Never compromise.

Yes must save for 6 extra months and get SLI 980Tis
thanks for the input

well then there might be Pascal on the corner.
Or maybe even Greenland idk lol.

I hear the MSI model is good.

Torn between the MSI and the sapphire card. grrrrrrrrrrr
Backplate looks nice, but then the sapphire cooler's better, but then will the MSI card OC better? And which would be quieter? There's no reviews I can find that compare the two and it's incredibly frustrating.