$300 Tight Budget build - First build

Hey all,

I'm looking to build a very budgeted gaming rig for my desktop. I'm building everything from scratch, as I have nothing to scavenge. I've never actually picked out PC parts before, so this is my first build. This was my idea, but it probably has a many flaws towards it. To be honest, I'm not even too sure if I'm buying all the essential parts that I need. I may even be buying useless parts. I'm hoping that you experts could advise me in my purchase.


Thank you so much for spending your time.

EDIT: Is the 'Wired Network Adapter' even necessary? I think that the thermal paste is, but I'm not too sure.

I also do have basic computer accessories such as a mouse, monitor, keyboard, speakers, ect.



This will be better for a $300 gaming budget.

P.S. If you're interested, I can link you to my video for a $198 budget gaming rig.

The build looks great, except that you forgot about the storage, but that's ok. It's just another plus $40.

Sure. I would like to see your build of a budget gaming rig.

Yeah my bad, kinda rushed through it. Didn't realise I forgot the storage.

It's not really a build video. It's more of an informative video. Anyway it's kind of boring so i'll just toss up the specs.

AMD A4-5300 3.4GHz Dual-Core Processor $49.98 

ASRock FM2A55M-DGS Micro ATX FM2 Motherboard $49.99

Mushkin Silverline 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory $24.98

Western Digital Caviar Blue 80GB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $33.99.

Diablotek CPA-0170 ATX Mid Tower Case w/400W Power Supply $39.99

Optical Drive
Optional, it's not important.

Total: $198.93

I'm sure people can shave off a few more bucks by salvaging parts and what not.


This is what I have so far, without the memory. I had to improvise as some items were discontinued.

I really like the build as it's really relieving on my wallet.

As for the memory, I was thinking about this: Crucial Ballistix 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3-1866 Memory.

Do you think that the power supply is enough? I think it should be sufficient, but I like to make sure. Please   improve on this current build.

Well if $350 is in your ballpark, then I'd suggest this:


You give up USB 3.0, but you gain a decent graphics card for the price range. Not to mention that the AM3+ socket is a bit more future proof than the FM2 socket motherboard.

Sure. I can splurge on a bit over on to $350. I was never a big fan of 3.0 usb anyways. I'm sorry about this nooby question: Are video cards necessary? I often do not see video cards in builds. 

Not if the CPU has "integrated graphics." You don't technically need a video card because almost all CPUs have integrated graphics; however, if you want to do any kind of decent gaming, a video card is your best bet.

The AMD APUs are a really nice in-between solution, offering a much higher "Integrated graphics" capability than their Intel counterparts in the same price range; however, if you ever want to upgrade your computer to a higher-end CPU, then it will cost you even more money because the motherboard will also have to be changed.

In my personal opinion, I'd get a dual-core CPU (most games only use 2 cores anyway) with a socket that can be scaled up tremendously (such as the Intel 1155 or the AMD AM3+) and spend more money on a higher-end graphics card rather than getting an APU.

Biostar A68I-350 Deluxe mini-ITX Motherboard 60$

7750 80$

Corsair 430 watt 40$

500Gig westerdigital 60$

8gig dual channel ram 40-50$

Fractical design 1000 20-30$

This build is around 320.

And should be a intresting build here is a review for the motherboard.


^Nice build for 320... but it's missing one very crucial bit... the CPU.

The mobo has the cpu ^

Yikes, didn't watch the vid. Well played sir. :)

Thanks for all of your help guys! I'm still researching, as I don't know too much about computer hardware. I still need to decide which of the above builds would be ideal for me. This is a pretty big decision for me, as I don't exactly have the most money in the world. I'll be looking in to whether or not video cards are actually needed with the named motherboard.

If you wanna game you''ll need one. But you can get a cheap as fuck one if you won't game. Like..cheap.


xCalibur, I'd keep the rig you had in the original post and merely trade out the power supply for this one: 


Get rid of the termal paste and network card,

then trade the heatsink for this one: 



Check online and look at vids of games you play with the processor you have. I'd recommend getting the A10-5800k APU, it'll do games a lot better although it will be about $60 more. later on, so you can get better performance, you'll be able to crossfire with a dedicated graphics card, but that's if you have the money to spend and the want to have better performance. I can promise you, though, it'll do a wonderful job for the money you're paying. I currently had to RMA my dedicated card and have had to use my intel integrated, and although it is bothersome using it, it really isn't that bad of a processor. And the AMD variant is quite better than what I have. There is no need to try and go above what you can afford if you're a casual gamer or just starting. Not unless you have money floating around that you just don't know what to do with, and given your budget, I'm going to say that isn't true.


Enjoy your new build, whatever you go with!

Thanks for the advice. This is what I have now: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/K8Zq.

It's pushing my budget a bit, but I hope that it gives the most bang for my buck.


I can either do this or follow this build from a few months ago: http://teksyndicate.com/videos/build-best-350-gaming-pc-nov-dec-2012.

I noticed the build doesn't use a video card, so I'm not too sure if that would undermine its performance.

The build that you just again chose consists of no video processor of any kind, that CPU doesn't have any integrated graphics. Go for the one that Logan put together, that's a good build. If you can, though, try and find some 2133 MHz memory instead of 1866 being that your graphics will be limited a bit by your ram.

$198 how does that play any real games? almost every budget rig has at least a $90 gpu and that is more than half of the price then you need a hdd and that will be at least $50 then to finish it off you would need much more than $50 of parts............ if it is possible thou I would love to see it.

oh i forgot about the a4. a6, a8, and a10 but that is a really cheap psu you should upgrade to a corsair cx 430


This is what I built a week ago for 365, I love this rig and it plays Medal of Honor: Warfighter at high to ultra-settings. I overclocked the processor from 3.0 to 3.8 stable and did a small overclock on the video card. If I had 350 to spend over again I would get this exact rig again, unless there was a better mother board (USB 3.0 sata 6) in the same price range. I ended up getting an aftermarket cooler otherwise you can expect about 3.3 out of processor with stock cooling.  I personally would not go with an APU rig at the 350 price point as other can perform better in the same price range.

Here’s my 3d mark scores with the overclocking.

Graphics Score


Physics Score


Combined Score



Hope this helps.