$300 server

Sorry if this is the wrong thread. 

My friend and have a single rack mount server we would like to revamp. It is atx and we would like to run a minecraft server along with a few other games. All we need is a motherboard, cpu and ram. Thanks for any help. 

Pick a computer out of the trash and take it's mobo/cpu/ram. done.

If it need to be cheap and rack-able. Check out all the used "dell cloud servers" on ebay. 

Mobo including quadcore Pentium, passively cooled, extremly low power consumption.


Then add RAM and one or two SSDs and that should do.

Core i5, basic motherboard (with room for expansion) and some basic memory.


Potential changes include spec'ing up or down the CPU along with changing the quantity of RAM.

I find it hard to beat the prices of these systems. 



Very much this