300' long DisplayPort Cable {HELP}

i need to send a DisplayPort 1.2 from my Resolume PC to an image processor controlling a LED Wall over 100m (around 300’) away. i need DP1.2 with no format conversions, i know theres cheap HDMI-over-CAT6 senders these days that can do that distance and more; unfortunately for me, the image processor im working with only supports 4K over DP1.2 . has anybody done this before? ive heard about DP-over-Fiber adapters but im a little lost since ive never done this before. HELP

what i meant by no format conversiones is not going from DP to HDMI or SDI or any other format.

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You won’t find one. Over that length the signal will degrade and it is likely that the panel at the far end will just not display anything at all.

You will need one of those cables that changes to fiber optic or something else in between. Even the cat6 example would probably work, you get a converter on each end so it is still a DisplayPort cable. Either way though at that length it won’t be cheap.

Edit: the maximum lengthen for a standard passive is 3m. An active cable will do 15m and after that you need something else.

These use optic cables, and mentions they are good for 330’ but there is no price listed so it is probably very expensive.



300 feet with no format conversion (physical media i mean) just isn’t going to happen.

To get the sort of bandwidth for DP over 300 feet you’re going to need fibre as DP 1.2 bandwidth is ~18 gigabit.

Even 10 gigabit ethernet is only good over cat6 for 50m (to leave some spare for fly cable, etc.) from memory (less than 300 feet) and that’s roughly half the bandwidth requirement for displayport 1.2. Cat6a can get you 10 gig at 80-90m plus patch cables but that’s still half of what you need.


For those distances, you would go ethernet (wired or wireless if direct line of sight).



1440p and only pushing 1080p within 50 feet :frowning:

Fine for large displays and affordable. You do not need high res for large displays unless wow factor.

How about a small form factor PC and some video streaming software?


Your best option for long distance video is something called HDBaseT. The most common kind is two boxes you plug HDMI devices into (source at one end and display at the other), then connect them together with a length of CAT6 Ethernet cable.

Something like this can go over 300 feet:

These are HDMI, though. Displayport to HDMI adapters might work, but I’m not sure. There are displayport versions of HDBaseT, but it’s more expensive.


I found this DisplayPort extender, claims 200m range over fiber and comes in at a hefty £1,400 for the pair of units alone. Then you’d need the cable, which for 100m comes in at another £570. £2,000 all in for 100m of DisplayPort 1.2 range!



Note: couldn’t use their US site as it’s not available at the moment. So, prices in the Queen’s own coin.

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I was expecting hundreds for the cable and when I saw the recovers … Yeah I had thought it would be a lot but that’s a lot more than I thought.

Best off with a NUC or even some of the higher end RasPi clones and streaming the content to it, they can handle 4k/60 decoding and be a lot cheaper.

Yeah, Lindy is the EU’s Startech, and has stuff Startech doesn’t even carry.

You could look at Gefen next:


Doesn’t come cheap though. Nothing Fiber related is cheap:

If you’re sending to a video wall, don’t screw around with cheap solutions.

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while fiber is most likely the best way in doing this.

what about the weather resistant cat 7 ? feasible

any thoughts or experience ?

something like this

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Cat7 still only goes 100ft. For 4K, I’d go with fiber or nothing.


CAT7 is a bitch to work with, less capable than fiber, and probably same sort of price as fiber anyway.

IMHO, if considering cat7, just run fiber - and while you’re at it run a 12 core (because chances are at some point you’ll need to run something else from A to B as well - fiber is universal transport for pretty much anything with the appropriate adapter).

The big cost will be paying someone to run it and terminate it (including conduit, trenching or whatever) - and pulling the cable will cost roughly the same whether it is cat5/cat6/cat7 or whatever.

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