300$ Headset/Headphones

Hey people.

Im currently looking for a new audio/microphone solution for around 300$ (+- 50$) 

I've been looking at quite a few solutions, the ones im currently likeing the most are.

Sennheiser 360 | 363D | G4ME ONE

The solution above are good headsets. But will I need a soundcard to get the optimal sound? or how does it work with an amp (can you connect your microphone into an amp?)

I've also been looking at this

The Audio Technica ATH M50X combined with the Blue Nessie

What do you guys think i should do? im open to others solutions aswell! Thanks





I would recommend the HD 598 (~190 on amazon), they have a great soundstage so positional audio will be great, but are open so they will leak sound.  For the microphone any clip on mic ~$10 should be just about as good if not better than most "gaming" headphone mics.  You could also go for the AKG K 701 (~260 on amazon) if you want to spend a bit more.  Keep in mind this is without knowing what kind of sound signature you are looking for

Yeah don't get a headset.  Your basically paying alot more money just to have the stick attached. Get $300 cans and a 20 dollar usb mic.

For $300 or a little more you can get into the class of beyerdynamic dt880/990 or sennheiser hd600/650s if you want open headphones.  No amp needed for these.


For $300 you can pick up a blue snowflake, and DT 880's/990's.