$300 gaming PC

I know I posted this yesterday, but I really want to know if I can play the most demanding games (crysis 3, wither 3, bf4) at what settings on 1080p or 900p.



You should be able to play those games at like medium fine.  One of my friends has a hd7770 and has not run into a game he cant play fine.



the extra $3 over budget on  my build will give u an extra 10 + frames in a lot of games (this is from personal experience)

How much of an increase on witcher 3?

You should be able to play most games at medium settings, especially at 900p.

If you're not going to be upgrading your ram anytime soon, then yes, go with dual channel ram as voltan suggested.

Ok but soon it ram be my upgrade, like 2-5 months because I'm waiting for steam sales to use all my money and 80% of the games pretty much are under $15

Also, is this a good system as well PCpartpicker.com/p/2VVv5

I don't want to spend $80 more and have to wait for rebates