300$ For A GPU [Need Recommendations]

Hey guys, I have about 300$ to spend on a GPU, I have been looking around and I really like the GTX670 since it is outstanding in BF3 


So what do you guys think, do you have any better recommendations? Maybe you guys know about a lower end card that is more "bang for your buck" perhaps?


Tell me what you guys think, thanks

MSI 7950. Perfect card for $179.99 after MIR.

It really depends on what it is you want to use it for, but as you have said you like the 760 for Battlefield then I am going to make a wild guess and presume that you want one for gaming. I would say that that is a solid GPU and I don't know if I could suggest a better one, however, I would also suggest looking into a 660 ti they are going pretty cheap (at least here in the UK) But like I said it depends on what you're going to use it for...

I will be using it for gaming only

Link me to that 7950


This is the only 7950 that I found for $180 after MIR. According to reviews, it runs hot even at a high fan speed. The price has been this way since Labor Day weekend, so I don't know how much longer it will be priced this way.



Also another thing you have to take into consideration is what games you will be playing. Will the games be geared toward nVidia? Do you use and enjoy games that use phys-x?


You can take a look at this one also. The reason I like this one is the stock clocks are nice. It can be overclocked very well. The cooler on it will help keep the temps under control also. :)

Just look around on newegg for discounted 7950s. They are as good as 670 and there are some with good coolers around for 200$

at $300 pick yourself up a twin frozr 7950 and treat your girlfriend to a nice lunch (or, if you're single, have yourself a good night out).

You can get a HD 7970 for under $300 now.... :) Check Newegg