£300/$500 Best Bang

Sup forum,

I've been asked to build a PC by a friend of mine and frankly was wondering if you would do the hard work for me. Just kidding, although I would like some assistance choosing components based on best price/performance, given a budget. 

  • £300/$500
  • UK
  • No need of Mouse/Keyboard
  • PC is for casual home use e.g. browsing the internet, playing HD movies. (No GPU)
  • Air cooling 
  • No OS

The idea is to build a reliable machine with the possibility of upgrading in 18-24 months. Other than that, have at it. 



That's what I'd do for the price point and intended use... I doubt they'll do much multithreading for general use so the i3 will be fine.... SSD will make it snappy... good quality parts throughout...


AMD option.  The Intel build DrunkenPanda suggested is great if you have programs that work better with single threaded programs.