3 Monitor 17" Setup?

I have a single Dell e176fpc 17" monitor at the moment. They look good and have a 1280x1024 resolution and you can get them for $50 on ebay. Would 3 of these with an HD7870 in 3840x1024 resolution be pretty nice for gaming? Or should I go with a nice single 1920x1080 24" monitor?

I have Eyefinity and it is a pain sometimes but worth it. I am using 3x 27'' 1080p 120hz monitors though. 3x 17'' is a freaking wasted idea. I say hands down 1 decent 24 or 27" 1080p monitor. Alot of games won't run on 3 screens only 1 screen and your little screen is a big waste on a HD7870 anyway.

ALSO a HD 7870 will get unplayably low fps on 3 screens so once again don't bother. My two 7970's have trouble with Hitman Absolution and Crysis 3 (when maxed thought).

Thank you for the input. 1 monitor is the way I'll go.