3 Hole VESA Mount?

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I've got this monitor, and am wondering if I can mount this on a regular 100x100 or 75x75mm vesa mount. It appears that there are three holes, and some googling brings up that this monitor(Hyundai Imagequest L70S) supports vesa mounting.

Well its not a VESA mount as that is a standard and has 4 holes. Perhaps the manufacturer has and adaptor plate to goes to a VESA mount.

If the 3 holes are threaded and your a bit of a handy man use could make a plate yourself fairly easily.

From what I can see it looks like the monitor merely has the VESA mount at a different orintation.


Whats the distance between the mounting holes? Could be something as simple as only using three holes and changing orientation of the mounting plate?

This I bet that the 4th hole is behind that sticker
and just needs a screw to be poked through it.... Looks like a 75mm or 100mm VESA on its side.

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Never thought about that. I'll check on it.

~102mm across. okay.

Peekaboo, I poked a hole in the sticker.

x = 102/sqrt(2) ~73mm, so 75x75mm in a diamond orientation.

Thanks for all the help!


lol Happy endings.