3-4 680 FTW better than 2 for gaming?


 I'm starting to get nervous, i didn't buy SLI titans or a 690 with good reason, i prefered 2 680 FTW editions for my gaming.
 However with the 700 series looming i'm wondering if i should invest in another 680 or 2 to maintain good performance through the 700 series.

What i mainly want to know is, Is 3 way and quad SLI 100% better in every way for gaming?


 Do games have to be optimized for 3 way and Quad or is the system just going to have a big boost of overall performance?

And with that said how does 12 - 16GB of virtual memory sit with you guys, overkill or what?


Motherboard: Asus x79-UP4

CPU: I7-3820 3.6-3.9 (No OC)

Ram: Mushkin Redline 16GB 2333


Well... As far as I know in the use of crossfire and SLI will sometimes improve games performance. A few years back the use of crossfire and SLI didn't do anything as the games were not made to make use of two GPUs. Today is a different story but you can never be sure if it is going to work or not. Some games run better on SLI/Crossfire, some run about the same while in some cases som games run worse on an SLI/Crossfire system than on a single GPU system. I'm not sure running 3 - 4 SLI would do any better in games than 2 SLI. In some games it might, in some it probably won't make a difference. I would personally just go for a a 700 series card instead of hoping that the games will run slightly better on 3 - 4 SLI. Maybe do 2 SLI with a high end 700 card though I know that will be a lot more expensive.

I would get some other opinions than mine though since I have never run 3 - 4 SLI myself.

If someone has a better idea about how this would work please correct me if I'm wrong. 

pretty much what Kriss120 said. it all come's down to driver opmizations for games in whether multi-gpu scaling takes place and how well. i would reccomend a sigle gpu aporach like a 780 when they come out in the next month or so. or a titan as maxwel like current keplar architechiture will still be on the 28nm die, meaning the titan will still be the cream of the crop as it's got the most amount of shadercores that can be crammed into a chip on this current die shrink that and none of maxwell will be using a k20 chipest