2x Titan Blacks?

  Hello there people, I have recently obtained a good deal of money from selling off a lot of my older stock piled hardware and 4k gaming is something that peaks my interest. I understand that you need a lot of graphics horsepower to run a 4k resolution with an acceptable frame rate. For me know money is no option for this upgrade and I was wondering if 2 titan blacks in SLI would do the job for a single 4k monitor because I would be stupid to buy a Titan Z.

  I understand that as it stands at the moment 4k is still in the "alpha" phase but I am willing to wait for a good monitor and better GPU choice to come along I was just want a second opinion.



Uhhh I think that will work but i think it should be fine if you play on high to ultra in games




Yes they would be able to handle 4k with pretty decent framerates this video demonstrates what fps they would get pretty well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anCaLKHG2iE

However considering (I know your probably american but still uk prices!Prices got from scan.co.uk) that 2x titan blacks cost about £1400 and right now you can get an R9 295x2 in a bundle with a 512gb curcial MX100 for £1000 (Plus an r9 295x2 will preform similary i)that sounds like a pretty good deal to me and something worth considering here are some 4k benchmarks

295X2 will also handle 4k , so i think that would be a better option to concider

But yeah i personaly would wait, till next year, wenn 4k realy going to hit the market, there will be allot of more display´s to choose from.

And most important, next year there will be new GPU´s be launched, from amd and nvidia, on which the highend one´s, will probably be 4K ready. Those cards will maybe be powerfull enough to run 4k on a single card. And will be allot cheaper probably then the current dual gpu cards.

Awesome thanks for the benchmark graphs. I thought about the 295x2 but I really don't want to mess with the close loop cooler that comes with it.But maybe I should just buy two titan z's! (lolnope) Thanks for the help man!

I do x3 R9 290x on 4k works awesome! Do that!

If I had the kinda budget you must have Id grab a few 6gb 780s (or ti's when the 6gb models are released) + wc blocks to tie in with an awesome custom loop. Then go to town overclocking.

Then have 3x ASUS MX299Q's instead of a single 4k.

I'd have a very hard time justifying titan blacks unless they could be tax write-off.