2x psu for 2x gpu

Hi, Im going to run 2 gpu`s, but can i use 2 different psu`s for each gpu?

Yes but it may not be nessacary, what Gpu's and Psu's? 

yes you can.

corsair 750w and silverstone 650w
zotac gtx 780 and gigabyte windforce gtx 770

Why would you want to? Either of those PSUs would easily power those cards... But you know you can't run those two cards together in SLI right? 

im missing some cables to both of the psu`s and i know i cant run them in sli

you can get 4 pin molex to 6 pin connectors. its bad practice to do that, but its safe. 4 pins can carry enough amperage. if you need 8 pin connectors, you can get adapters for those too.

if you want to use 2 psu's you will need to take the psu that is NOT connected to the mobo and short the green wire on the 20+4 pin to one of the black wires (a bent paperclip with a rubber coating works fine).  you need to common the ground between the two (take a 4 pin from each psu, and jumper the black wires somehow. a paperclip would work for this as well). technically, they should already be grounded to your houses ground, but it never hurts to have the grounds connected.

Tnx for the help :) Il try that