2x 390 or 1070?

In the current situation with what we know about both cards, (yes i know AMD is soon to deliver there hand with the next generation of cards and we dont have solid prices for 1070 in the UK yet) what would people recommend at this point for my gaming rig...

currently play at 1440p and do intensive design based work using the Adobe creative cloud including occasional 4k editing.

I currently play games such as...

GTA V (with super sampling)
The long Dark
Just cause
Tomb Raider
Far Cry
Stranded Deep

If I had some spare money would it be best to...

add another 390 (current card temp under 100% in GTA V 75-78 max)
baring in mind I would need 4 8pins in total for this (have 850watt PSU)

or sell 390 and get a single 1070 meaning if I do SLI with it I will still only need the same amount of PCI 8 pins as a single 390 and benefit from lower temps (presumably?)

Current Rig

Phanteks evlov ATX
Corsair RM850
Saphire Nitro 390
16gb LPX DDR4 Corsair 3000mhz
many a HDD and SSD

1 card is better than 2 cards... If the question is strict - 1 card is always better.
However, 480X, which i believe to be 490? Why not think of that?


Yep, Just getting card envy and thinking ahead!, and feel although only purchased a little while ago my 390 is a bit old, especially considering its "parentage..."

Is there any info on the 480X? also I need more than 4gb VRAM

Wait until the 1070 benchmarks come out. We won't have anything to compare the 390 crossfire benchmarks too until we see what Nvidia has to offer with the 1070.

No and we won't have any until computex where AMD will probably spill the beans.

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Hi, I have 2x 390X.

first, 850w is cutting it close.

now for performance, at 1440p Crossfire works EXTREMELY well when supported, at 4k theirs some hickups.

also its VERY VERY hot.

so yea single card is a better choice

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Actually 295X2 is basically 390CF...
And 1070 isn't suppose to be much more powerful than 980Ti. It's not speculation, it's logic. The performance difference between 980Ti and 1080 is decent on stock clocks, but if 1070 is anywhere near 1080 in performance, nobody will buy 1080 and Nvidia will canibalize their market. So 1070 is about to beat slightly 980Ti stock.

What are your cards? If they are heavily overclocked 390X with 8 core OC cpu, bunch of drives and fans and lights and what not - yeah... Otherwise - 850 should have about 200W spare easily both CPU and GPU maxed out.

Shit, thought I would be fine... this is what bothers me about AMD, I mean two 8 pins!i hope their new cards are 2 twice as efficient! as that is what is pushing me to Nvidia (not being a fan of either)

Yes I heard 2 way is generally very successful with 390 cards..

Hmmm again heat is an issue...

That what I though... I mean I have a beefy CPU and a load of drives but I would still hope 850 gold would be enough for 2 390's....

For short:

Do you see the devil 13 PCS? Dual chip 390...
Note this is system power consumption...
There is another review, that is even better representation of your specific question:

Load Watt %
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 321 100.00 %
AMD Radeon R9 390 8GB CF 695 216.51 %

This is why I want to move away from it...


We have 390 cfx numbers, we don't have 1070 numbers. Your literally comparing two unreleased cards in the 480x and 1070. Just wait for the damn numbers. How can you seriously advise on which will be better until we actually have concrete numbers? Those charts (about 480x) are just speculation and leaks that could be true or false. We're days away from seeing actual numbers from reviewers about the 1070, and amd is supposed to give us something at computex in less than a week.

Just wait for the numbers. We'll know which card is better when the cards are actually out and we know what they're capable of.

This is why i told you, wait for 480X/490/whatever... We will know more in 5 days...

Yeah, i said that as well...
And i said wait 4 days...
And i agree with you, but i can bet my everything, that 1070 will beat 980Ti stock with about 5%. So 980Ti vs 390 CF is accurate representation of my prognosis, that i argumented 5 posts earlier...

480x should have 8gb vram and should be around as fast as a 980 or Fury which should be able to play games at 1440p no problem. Should also cost somewhere around $250 so the cheapest option should the rumors and speculation turn out to be true.


well it has two 8 pins, so thats 150w each + 75w from the PCI-E slot = 375w max, and if you look at the sapphire documentation, they claim 375w.

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If numbers published by Nvidia are accurate and scaling works out within 5% error, 1070 will be euquall to any aftermarket 980. Let me say 980ti.
So you are asking dual 390s VS 980ti. That should conclude itself.

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I've had a sneaking suspicion that we wouldn't get GPUs shipping to customers until July.

I think 980ti performance is generous. Stock vs stock.... maaaybbbeeeeee. I really doubt it though. We will have to wait and see.

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A point needed to be made. I think it is clear.