2x 1060 > 1080?

no sli on 1060 ?? but why?? 1060 sli would have been better than 1080 ??

Probably not, but it would be pretty close performance for less, nvidia couldn't have that, no idea on the real reason behind removing it, but it's not like they can't afford the "10 minutes" of dev time to make it work

I think that is the reason. Better keep on digging for $€£ while benchmarking sites need to explain why they benchmark Doom in OpenGL instead of Vulkan.

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I personaly prefer a single more highend gpu solution vs lowerend cards in sli.
As side from the fact that the GTX1060 doesnt even seem to support sli.
But the thing is that some games work great with sli on which other are a pain in the ass.
Also a single GTX1080 still performs better i think.

Also i moved this topic to the gpu section.

The Gtx 1060 is exactly half the Cuda core count of the 1080, but stock clocks are lower, it has slower V-Ram, and SLI never scales 100% outside of pre-done benchmarks like firestrike. There is no way two 1060's would be faster than a single 1080 in games, the specs ensure that.

Two GTX1060 (1280 CudaCores at 1506MHz) for 628€
One GTX1080 (2560 CudaCores at 1607MHz) for 789€
Random numbers incomming:
Dual GTX1060 = 3855360
Single GTX 1080 = 4113920
By this totally meaningless collection of numbers and these wonderfull graphs:

I say they are equally fast but the dual GTX 1060 is cheaper.

Biggest issue:

Yeah but there is no sli support for the GTX1060.

That is the issue.

tinfoil hat time

nvidia want it so that the 'minimum spec' gpu for vr is a 1060 instead of a 970

I forsee gimping ahead...


after all, its no good to them if their highest selling card of the last 2 years is good enough for the 'future' of vr

Basically yes, if you pair 2 1060s together and pit them up against a 1080 then the theory is that they will outperform the 1080. Also its a price thing. It is likely you can purchase 2x 1060s for less than the price of 1 1080 so if you could do that why on earth would anyone want to purchase the higher card if the lower card in sli outperformed it?

Infact AMD made this exact pitch in marketing their Xfire RX480 performance against Nvidias 1080. But from a purely business standpoint Nvidia has been very purposeful in leaving sli out of the 1060 and basically encouraging the purchase of 1070s or 1080s for those who seek higher performance.