2TB NVMe dual boot ubuntu&windows10

does anyone see a problem partitioning a single 2tb NVMe drive to dual boot win10/ubuntu 18.04?
I would rather install two separate 1tb NVMe and use one for windows and one for ubuntu however with my Asus Ch7H populating m.2_2 will cut my Vega 64 down to only 8 pcie lanes and I don’t want to give up FPS.

thanks for the replies

You may have fits with windows and grub fighting to be booted from first.

Other then that, once you get your OS booted, it should work great.

I’m currently dual booting which can be a bit** where windows like to modify the bios but for the most part it works. thanks for the reply

if you want to dual boot without hassles once the drive is partitioned install the ubuntu first and once it has grub installed boot the windows installation media and install to the second partition.
grub will recognize that a second os has been installed or you may have to edit grub to give you the dual boot option on startup.

I do not use windows any more but I’m no stranger to dual booting.