2nd Monitor Troubles

Hey guys

Just got a 2nd monitor and having a few issues (Windows 7). Also purchased Display Fusion.

Issue 1, When I turn off my new 2nd monitor my 1st monitor goes black and all the windows open on my 2nd monitor transfer over to my 1st one, this also messes up my icons on my 1st monitor because I have some icons on my 2nd monitor. But when I turn off my 1st monitor the 2nd monitor doesn't change and is fine.

Issue 2, When something like a movie or youtube is open in fullscreen on my 2nd monitor, and I click on the desktop on my 1st monitor, the taskbar on my 2nd monitor overlaps the fullscreen video.


Issue 1: I believe that's because your running different refresh rates, or different resolutions? I had this problem and I was never able to get it to stop doing that, I wish I could offer some help.

So....your just mirroring your #1 desktop to the #2 display? that is why you have two task-bars, you might try the extend your desktop from #1 to #2 which will just give you a bigger desktop, your task-bar will reside on whichever monitor you have set as primary, you can do this in windows but it's better to do it in the software that comes with your video cards.

You can solve #2 by unchecking the always on top box in the taskbar properties. (right click on the taskbar, choose properties)

@Fistina -- It's not multiple resolutions, I'm running 1 1920x1080 and 2 120x1024, and I certainly don't have the issues.

@blanger -- Actually, DisplayFusion allows you to have multiple taskbars that can (if you so choose) reflect only the windows on that screen. It's really quite nice. Also, I've tried the solution to 2 that you recommended, it didn't work for me (hence my belief below).

@yzyzso -- I also have the taskbar issue, I believe it to be a DisplayFusion bug. I don't really mind, but you should try getting in touch with DF's support people.

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It sounds to me like a DF problem,

When you say "turn off" are you just hitting the power button or are you disabling the screen? If you are disabling the screen that is normal behavior.

If using the power button it may be a feature in the paid version of DF try to look for some settings.

DF will definitely cause the start bar to show when you click out of the movie, if you have the bar set to all monitors. (friend has same issue.)

Yeah, hitting the power button. I want it to simply turn off and not disrupt the 1st monitor. If it helps i'm running the first monitor though hdmi (1080p monitor), running the 2nd on through displayport to hdmi (HDTV)

A quick way to see if it is display fusion causing the icons to get shoved around is to shut off display fusion and turn the monitor 2 off and see what happens.

Just tested it, I think it may have been display fusion switching around the icons. But biggest problem is when i turn off my hdtv (using as 2nd monitor) it makes my first monitor go black for a few seconds.

That is odd, turning off a display shouldn't cause the other to be affected. (at least I've never seen it). I wonder if it has something to do with it being a TV, and how it shuts down. For instance my tv, has the ability to turn off other units plugged into it. like if i power off my tv it shuts off the surround sound too. It's not a smart tv just an old plasma, perhaps something like this is happening with you.

My tv is an older led lcd tv. I have no idea why it would do this.


Okay, I found one part. In your system tray, right click on displayfusion, then settings, then choose the taskbar section. Uncheck "Show Taskbar in front of full screen applications when they lose focus".

Apparently it's a feature, not a bug.

I am guessing you also are running AMD? Possibly a 290 of some sort. You all ready said one is DP and the other HDMI.

I have the exact same issue it is a problem with AMD and DP and Windows. I heard something about disabling Hardware acceleration in browsers helping a lot, I have not tried it but this is a well documented problem. The annoying thing is it is only a problem at startup and when turning one screen off.

I have no had any issues with icons moving but I have nothing on my desktop except a Rainmeter skin.

If you find the issue please let me know, I am too lazy to fix it right now, working on my phone getting the rom set up how I like.

Yeah I'm running an all AMD system, fx-8350 and a sapphire tri-x r9 290. Just not sure if the problem has something to with the 2nd screen being a TV rather than a monitor.

Thanks, that seamed to fix my problem :)

So it is completely fixed now?

The taskbar is, but when i turn of my 2nd screen my first one still goes black and comes back on.