2nd Monitor not displaying (SOLVED)

Hey guys, I have been having some issues with my second monitor today.

Just to start off so I dont have to keep repeating it:
OS: Windows 10 64bit
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 380x
GPU driver (current): 18.2.1
Display: LG 2560x1080 displayport (main) & LG 1920x1080 hdmi (secondary) (both at 60Hz)
mobo: Crosshair V formula
(just posting what seems relevant, if more detail required, please just ask)

Yesterday I updated my graphics card. I also installed Radeon ReLive and all worked well. Today when I wanted to view some of the test footage I made, I noticed a red lin down the middle of my main screen. I thought maybe because I had the ‘demo on’, so I disabled it and when it was still present I restarted my PC. During the restart my PC froze and I had to manually turn it off. (I gave it more than ample time)

Upon restart everything looked normal. But then it got to the Windows logging in screen where the icon was off to the right on my main screen, by a lot. Once the login was complete, my second monitor was blank. I looked at the display settings and saw that my main monitor was set to 4480x1080 instead of the 2560x1080 it should be. My second monitor was not shown.

I have since then tried:

  • Win+Ctrl+Shift+B
  • rolling back drivers
  • updating drivers
  • disconnecting and reconnecting cables
  • changing settings in windows display
  • changing settings in Radeon
  • Disabling fast boot

I’m not sure what is going on, because during boot my second screen is displaying. And when windows is loading it also displays correctly. It is only once the login has started that the second monitor goes blank.

Any help would be intensely appreciated as for my projects for college 2 screens really is necessary. If you have any other questions, I will answer them asap and if I somehow manage to fix it I will post it here for others.

Edit: Not sure why I didn’t try this earlier, but I disconnected my main display, which caused my secondary display to function as it should, but upon reattachment of the main display, I lost signal to the secondary. Windows will not recognize it. I believe it might be something to do with the GPU and not willing to send two signals, but I cant say what it is.

Btw, the redline issue I had has since disappeared.

Does the 2nd monitor display anything like “no signal, entering standby” or the like?

Yes, it first checks for signal and afterwards it displays HDMI, No Signal, Entering Power saving mode.

But I will stress that during boot and loading of Windows it does display the same image as my main monitor.

Alright, I managed to fix it, but it was some amount of work…

What I did was uninstall all the drivers. I tried that the normal way, but with no success. This time I used Display Driver Uninstaller
It seems it did a more thorough job than AMD or I could do (editing the registry and all)

I restarted my pc and immediately both screens were working (even if they were duplicated)

I deleted any and all AMD driver files in my C: drive.

In control panel I looked for any AMD software to uninstall with the Windows Uninstaller software.

I then installed the driver for AMD GPU’s. But alas, every time I did that, my PC would freeze (even after waiting 10 minutes). So I selected the driver option from AMD that was the minimalist version. It says that in the name and is not 400mb, but only 40mb. This time it was able to get to work. I just let it do its thing and made the necessary tweaks where it was needed.

Really not too difficult, but it took me some time to get there. Just glad I could get it to work properly again, even if I did loose a days worth of work because of it.

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Good to hear it is working.

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