2nd monitor barring effect

i have an asus monitor 1680x1050 dont know what model and running off a VGA cable of my second gpu because i had no spare dvi only VGA. this even happen with the 2nd graphics card when it was my main gpu. By the way its a xfx radeon 7750 and the dvi is running off the r9 270x asus top model. The main monitor is running off the 270x. Last of all I do not use the second monitor for gaming only the main monitor.


AMD FX6300





Ps. i am stunned about my psu able to run the 7750 and a r9 270x


Ok you might have to clarify your text a bit, and i don't know what a barring effect is either you can't view your 2nd monitor or what?.

I think you solved your own problem actually. a cx500 can't power those two graphics cards alone, it cannot possibly even have the physical cables to fill 2 graphic cards. I would take out the HD 7750 and only use the R9 270x card since it can run both your monitors on it, until you get a more powerful PSU. You need to get a vga to dvi adapter (which may have come with the GPU) and plug it into the DVI-I connector.

DVI-I is VGA compatible it's the 4 pins holes around the "+" mark that transfers VGA signals.




the barring effect which i had is like small black feint lines running through the screen and somehow it stopped. Oh I think you not know that I am typing the rig that has 2 gpus in it with a cx500. i dunno how to post pictures here.

oh i can upload a raw video onto youtube of it linking it here running this system but my phone is almost dead

oh last thing the only accessory that did not come with it is the converter for it vga to dvi

Well at any rate, a 500w psu can't run two graphic cards of that cailber properly, i would still remove the HD 7750 card and use only 1 monitor until you can get a vga to dvi converter, ask friends if they got one to sell cheap like 3$ a new one costs between 3 and 5 $ on newegg.

btw thanks for your opinions but im flat broke and most of my friends are consoles gamers and none have any thinking of getting a dvi cable from a computer store