2nd GTX 780 to pair with 780 Lightning Edition

4k monitor locked and loaded.

Now this leaves me with a half of a 780 SLI setup to replace. I killed the other Lightning by accidentally rediscovering nuclear fusion with a really smart overclock. Can I just stick any 780 in with this thing and be happy? Am I good to go with the cheapest unit I can find? I know they didn't use the best GDDR5 in the Lightning, I don't think paring different ram between units will raise any concern other than compatibility. 

Decent price option, probably the closest alternative seeing as it's MSI:

MSI Twin ForzR Gaming Geforce GTX 780 OC Edition 3GB



Questionable, 2nd option, but still has in store replacement warranty from a very reputable retailer:



Edit: Looks like amazon lists the 780 Lightning new for $620



yeah right...an average $100 difference? that's an entire week's beer budget!

Secured a new power supply, will drop by Memory Express and pick it up later this morning. EVGA SuperNOVA 850 B2...finally going back to a modular PSU!!!!!

it's time to settle on a 2nd 780 now

you're gona need atleast a 980 or 970 to do 4k