2k Gaming PC - First Build

Hey guys, I've finally decided to build a gaming PC, and I wanted it to last for quiet some time before having to replace it, so I had my friend wipe one up for me giving him the budget of around $2000 CAD (Not including the keyboard, Monitor, Case, and one of the ssd's -which i added after he made this-.) I just thought I would share it with y'all and see if  anyone had anything to add to it. 

- http://pcpartpicker.com/user/konata0111/saved/3Ky3
The smaller SSD is for OS, the larger one is for the main games I play (since I have a habit of downloading games and then playing them a few times and never getting rid of them.) I'll update this tread in a few weeks when I start buying the pieces.

so the main thing i would do is not use the asus 760 x2 i would go with a 780ti or even a 780 and put the extra money into a nicer USB 3.0 network adapter. but otherwise i think it looks pretty good

I would take the money out of the keyboard and get a better video card/mouse

I recommend a GTX 780 or a R9 290 (780Ti or 290X) if you want resolutions above 1080p because you probably want to play games on high/max settings at a reasonable framerate, right? Well, having the dual GPU doesn't give you extra VRAM and for the newer titles especially, you will likely need it, but it really depends on what games you will be playing.

Can I ask why you chose that particular GPU?

so i just reaserched prices for that mars 760x2 and you might as well sli run evga 770's its around the same price and youll get more preformance. and for future upgrading you can do a total of 3 way sli so there is room to upgrade.


i didnt choose it, my friend did.
i also forgot to mention its going off a white and red colour scheme.

I currently am on a laptop, so I don't have a keyboard but I do have a mouse, and I can always just throw money at the GPU any time, since it is one of the last things I really plan on getting.


Guess i need to think better before I post things, lol. I am green as the grass grows when it come to building computers so cause of that I had my friend do it for me. I gave him a 2k budget and told him I wanted a colour scheme of Red and White (that's why I have dubbed my PC Cpt. Canada). I have gone through with all your suggestions and changed the Network card and the GPU (OS will be acquired from a friend that gets them free from school, and the keyboard without a mouse is cause I have the Razor Abyssus mouse and no keyboard since I'm on a laptop). and note I asked him to keep my VRAM at 3GB+ when he made it.

then I completely forget to link the new build http://pcpartpicker.com/user/konata0111/saved/3Ky3 

I don't really see an advantage to having two SSDs. I know you said one for your OS and one for everything else, but I don't think there is a speed boost to having two different SSDs. For about the same price, you could get two Corsair Force 180 GB, put them in RAID 0, then you have 1 logical drive and 360 GB of space on an easier to manage configuration. With your current choices, you get 300 GB. I guess you could put those in RAID 0, but it seems less... elegant.

SLI means you can have two GPUs at the same time. Running sli will give you a considerable performance boost in most games but the boost isn't linear meaning you probably won't get double the performance. More in the neighborhood of 20%-50% in most cases I believe. Maybe a little more. I also fogot to mention that SLI is the 'branding' of running multiple GPUs by Nvidia. The equivalent of the AMD cards is called CrossFire.

Are you going to use this computer for gaming only? What about editing or streaming?

build looks nice to me, only the psu is way overkill in my opinnion, 650W is more then enough for a single gpu setup,

Also the GPU i would look at a R9-290 non reference, the 290 performs realy close to the 290X that the 290x is not realy worth the extra money.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/31b3Y This has a better processor, an equivalent graphics card and a better storage solution. Dual 240gb hyper x 3k ssd's provides more fast ssd storage. I could only find the white and black version of the case you picked so you'd have to add that to this build if you want it.

Good call MisteryAngel. I totally overlooked that. I'm usually trying to talk people down from over spec'd power supplies.

caveman: I really like that build... Hopefully Rezule is OK with slight color deviations.

Yeah thecaveman´s build looks great.

i did some minor changes to it, i hope he doesn´t mind.


I actually had the motherboard you have selected but I checked and sadly it was out of stock :( Also I like the 530 better than the 410 so that's a good call :)

Here is the 650 watt version of the original white power supply. It isn't modular, but there are worse things in the world.


yeah the phanteks ph-tc14pe does not fit in the 410. but in the 530 there is alot of room, you probably knew that cause you went with the Phanteks ph-tc12DX but thats also a very good cooler!