2gb vram and games

i have two R9 270x's the 2gb model. is 2gb enough to run ultra settings no aa or af at 768p at 60 fps or more? also in MSI after burner it says i have 3078MB not 2000MBs? but i know that no R9 270x from sapphire has 3GBs?

It really depends on the game and the textures available. I have a 7770 with 1GB of VRAM and it struggles to keep up with my modded Skyrim at times.

well like Bf4...
or other similar AAA titles.

The 270X Graphics Cards, are made and are excellent for 1080P gaming. You'd be capable of running most modern titles from High to Ultra Settings. For 768P whatever resolution that is, the 270X will annihilate games at that resolution.

768P is 1366x768 AKA "the Devil's resolution"

...and yes, 2gb of VRAM is fine for most, if not all, games at 1080p. Modded games may break a sweat though.

2gb should be adequate for up to 1080p gaming and some lighter 1440p gaming.

2gb is fine for 1080p gaming, still.

It used to be that 2GB was almost all you would ever need, but with the upgrade in the world of consoles, the 2gb barrier is starting to be broke. As more and more games take advantage of higher resolution textures, 2gb will start to be bare minimum.

You may run into a lot of people who claim that 4gb is the new minimum, but those people are extreme enthusiasts who run games at 1440p with maximum settings, or try to run 4k.

yeah its 1360x768p and im not going to 1080 anytime soon. i just like graphics not resolution. and with a i7-4790K and two R9 270xs is that good? and 16 gigs of ram.

2Gb should be the sweet spot for the next two years. Especially at that resolution. I predict that by 2017 most gamers will need at least 4Gb of vram.

You'll be fine. I run two gtx670's and mostly game at 5040x1050 or 5260x1050 and there are few games that I cannot run at max or high. According to GTA V my settings require 4.8GB of Vram. According to my GPU's they are only rarely use their 2GB of Vram. Crysis 3 I have to run on a single screen if I want all the graphical bells and whistles. Games that does not support SLI at all like anything made with idTECH5 I also have to turn down settings to mid/high or run it on a single screen.

However, the consoles are setting the pace. And since the new ones have a lot of Vram to waste I predict that PC ports will get lazier and require more Vram. Not because the program couldn't be optimized to use less ram, but because "Lazy" and "Consumerism".