2gb not enough for 1080p

Hello. I've heard many times that 2gb vram is plenty for single monitor 1080p gaming, but I've found otherwise. I have had an amd 6950 for about 7 months Over time, I've added many skyrim mods to better textures and meshes of items. My card now uses the entire 2gb vram anywhere except inside of buildings. It causes my game to tank to a playable 28 fps. I found this interesting because my gpu handles the game and mods fine, but the bottle neck is in the vram,  

That is an older GPU, but it should still be able to handle those mods. Your other components may be bottlenecking.. What are your other specs?

Well I have a 6870 OC and I run Skyrim perfectly fine with a ton of mods. Probably your CPU or something else.

I have an i5 2500k at 4.5ghz. Its the card. It shows it maxing out at 2gb in asus gpu tweek 

I have an XFX 6950 2GB.  It's a good card, but it can't handle the huge 2048x2048 texture packs that are out there for skyrim.  I'm running S.T.E.P. v2.2.0.a with an ENB Series shader at 50-60fps.  http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11