2990WX with 128GB RAM or RYZEN 3900x with 64GB RAM. Advice Please - Workstation

Hello all,

I really need some advice as I am in a bit of a dilemma. I have only just become aware of the issue regarding the 2990 WX. Yes that is correct that CPU has been sitting on my shelf for a long time, that is a long story in itself. Thanks to the amazing videos, it appears there is a problem with the Windows kernel.

The question is which is the better solution for me to build. Using the 2990 WX or the 3900 X.

Just as a side note, I have a separate machine for gaming.

First of all I would like to say I actually have all the equipment listed below. Now it is about making a decision keeping one and selling the other.

Note: the system will be populated with three PCI cards:

  • GTX 1080TI (PCIX 8 / 16 )
  • Video Capture Card (PCIX 4 )
  • Video Capture Card (PCIX 4 ) Special

I would like to use the system for the following:

  • Video editing
  • OBS streaming / capturing
  • Basic 3D modelling
  • Productivity
  • Software programming

I have the following:

System 1

System 2

Since there is no gaming involved, the obvious option is to go for the 2990WX.

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And what about the issue regarding the scheduler. I made use of the CorePrio. But is that a perfect fix?

I would go for the 3900x personally, unless using Linux as the host os

Get an x570 mobo and upgrade to 4000 series in a year by just dropping in a cpu. You can easily get 128gb for x570 as well.


if you’re using Linux I’d go for TR given you’d need to sell less stuff and already have more RAM

hang on to the 4x32g ram kit, sell everything else and wait for the new Ryzen desktop cpu to drop next year, maybe six months (announce in 3mo, general availability in 6mo?)

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3900X would be my vote, you probaby don’t want to use the cpu for rendering 3d modeling

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