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2990WX quirks?


Just got a 2990WX this morning. I paid $1300 for it sealed in the box. It replaced my 1920X. It booted up first time and everything is working. I remember seeing Wendell talk about regressions. Performance wise what anomalies am I going to encounter?

I’m mainly running virtual machines. 1 Zentyal server, 1 pfSense, and 1 Windows 10 that runs my webserver and hosts my quickbooks. I didn’t need the 2990WX at all I just wanted it for fun.



There might be some mobo features on newer revisions of the boards that you can’t use if you have a 1st gen board and 2nd gen cpu. Maybe a thermal sensor will read funny?

Same quirks as past hardware with this same ability. This is nothing new.



Thinking about adding a GTX 1660 and passing it through to a new virtual machine for games. After seeing Linus do 6 gamers 1 PC.

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